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Trump's Tariffs Vs Clinton's tax & wages reform approach?

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  • Trump's Tariffs Vs Clinton's tax & wages reform approach?

    Economics bores me......(long pause.....).

    Orinary people bore me........(longer pause).

    The effect of economic policy on said ordinary people interests me only to the extent that taxes paid by working suckers continues to fund my affluent and feckless (early) retirement.

    Why on earth do people my age in Australia continue to work when our welfare system is so generous and the hard-earned fruits of the older (greatest?) aspirational generation's labor is there for us to inherit?

    It's got me beat but as long as it continues who cares!

    God I love my prefaces , brilliant, just bloody brilliant (honestly I can't think of time when I wasn't). I truly am considering a UDSD (Unilateral Declaration of Self Deification). That's where I trans-morph from a demi to a full god.

    However enough of my nonsense (come on admit it you guys and gals just love it do you not?).

    Now as I predicted Trump is the nominee and is starting to flesh out his program.

    A recent article in the 'Age' newspaper in Australia by Nicole Hemmer has peeked my interest.

    From what I can see Trump is proposing re-introducing tariffs and trade restrictions to stimulate a revival in the long-suffering American working class and manufacturing sector (I said economics bored me - I didn't say I didn't get it).
    This will be coupled with as he puts it 'a better' or 'New Deal' (hey there's a catchy phrase-it's a wonder someone else hasn't used it) with some trading partners.
    "Fair trade not free trade" as he puts it.
    Free trade has of course been a pillar of the GOP right for decades.

    I guess he's saying that the U.S.'s economic challenges are a result of the triumph of finance over manufacturing. Exactly the same kind of argument Sanders presents by the way.
    Trump envisages reversing this.

    Hillary on the other hand, is proposing putting Bill the Boy in charge of U.S. economic revival policy because as she puts it he 'knows what to do' so far as this kind of thing goes (tax cuts for the 'middle class', other tax reforms and changes, an infrastructure bank, raise the minimum wage to encourage spending, slug big business etc)

    I'm still bored.


    Whose policy is the most mature and thought out?
    Do we have anyone who thinks a reversal of the long-held 'Free-Trade orthodoxy' is even fiscally feasible.

    lodestar makes it a point of personal honour and public policy never to engage his brain before opening his mouth.... an approach which to date has yielded brilliance, sheer brilliance.

    Regards lodestar

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    Since your own post bores you, there is nothing to discuss with you.


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      TRump on economics ...??? maybe not ...yet?

      Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
      Since your own post bores you, there is nothing to discuss with you.

      That's an oximaroon!

      How can anything I post be boring to other people!!!!????
      As I've said before I have toenail clippings and pencil shavings I've saved from the sixties that are more interesting than other people's entire lives!!!

      Naw, the point is the campaign proper is about to start and candidates are going to have to present a credible (or at least presentable) ideas on an economic platform.

      Trump seems very elusive or at least lacking in substance on this.

      . What the hell replaces a free trade agreement if you abandon it?

      . Would this require congressional approval?

      . Would the free-market hardliners in the GOP be committing a version of
      heretical high treason if they supported a president who wanted certain
      tariffs reintroduced?

      To date no major elected GOP figures have unconditionally supported Trump, nor have any former presidents or VEEPs.

      Is he gonna end up just trying to run all economic ideas/issues on his own and the the party establishment to get out of his way?
      I'm sure he probably could just bulldoze his way through and love every minute of it.

      Anyone have any idea of what or read anything about what, he's like as a team- leader or team player?

      Regards lodestar


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