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Trump needs to start hirin’ & firin’, Clinton needs to focus on issues not Trump

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  • Trump needs to start hirin’ & firin’, Clinton needs to focus on issues not Trump

    Trump needs to start hirin’ & firin’, Clinton needs to focus on issues not Trump

    Hot Diggitty it’s gonna be an interesting political time!!

    Ya gotta just love the way Trump operates.
    Not only has he bagged the nomination without being beholden to any large donors, he did it against the express wishes of apoplectic, implacably hostile GOP establishment and in the face of a near hysterical media meltdown!
    Whatta guy, Great stuff!

    Now comes the even more interesting part.
    Apparently ‘his people’ have done little groundwork or research about a national general election and on what it takes to make people get out and vote in November.
    But I guess he doesn’t need to worry too much.
    He just needs to harness the GOP infrastructure, get appointed CEO and Chairman of the Board (or whatever the hell he has to do to make sure he runs the show without static from the current gang of pathetic ****-ants).

    Then fire all the sad sack loosers and hire up big time go-getters and can-do hotshots.

    Style wise? Just like he said in one press conference; become more ‘boring’ and ‘presidential’, explain his so-called ‘crazy ideas’ (the wall, pissin’ off China, getting out of the ‘World’ etc.) were essentially just opportunities and suggestions for discussion of these serious issues.

    Clinton needs to quickly start focusing on Presidential ‘issues’ (real or imaged doesn’t matter).

    Personal attacks on Trump can be left up to the Media and disaffected GOPERS.
    She needs to limit attacks on Trump to limited’ too hard to resist’ quips, occasional (very) jibes and slightly catty jossin’.
    Nothing to personal or bitchy!
    Needs to say stuff like ‘Come people we’re Americans…we’re better than this! (the ‘this’ being whoever/whatever Trump is denigrating, insulting or laughing at).

    She needs to:
    . outline her ‘vision’, for the masses and ‘America’s place in the world
    . convince all minorities Trump would be targeting them and their
    . tell America’s friends The Clintons are back and a return to the nineties
    golden age of American ‘soft hegemony’ is tantalisingly close again
    . and yep above all else tell folks ‘it’s still the economy stupid’!

    Sounds like a plan for both candidates.

    If they need more help they know where to find me

    Interesting political, times?
    Linda but in some ways still not a 'crisis':

    As my dear ole dad use to say…”Interesting times!!!***!!^%^& you guys wouldn’t know ‘interesting if I bit you on the ass… France between the re-occupation of the Rhineland in ’36 and the Fall of Paris in ’40…now those were interesting times!”

    Regards lodestar

    regards lodestar

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    It will indeed be interesting Lodestar; Trump can start by changing his campaign slogan to "Make America White Again" which is what he really means anyway.
    Give me a fast ship and the wind at my back for I intend to sail in harms way! (John Paul Jones)

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