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    Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
    The people as a whole feed into the concept of government as the benevolent master because on the whole they ten to make very bad choices in large numbers.

    Bloomberg was mentioned limiting soda size, but not mentioned was the burgeoning number of diabetics and the morbidly obese which is driving up public health costs, and the flat refusal of people to change their eating habits for their own good.

    When the people act like children most of the time, we cannot blame the government for treating them that way and taking charge "for their own good".

    "We have met the enemy...and they is us."
    Yep, that's the reality of things, despite how we may like them to be.
    "The thing about quotes on the internet is that you cannot confirm their
    validity." - Abraham Lincoln.
    "Nothing's going to change while one side it lying about the cause and the other is lying about the solution" - Me


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      Originally posted by BKnight3 View Post
      Seriously, when one side has guns, has a leader that advocates violence, and has pledged to legally help those that do violence in his name, apparently mass unarmed protest is barbaric.
      No liberals have guns? That comes as a surprise. Trump predicted riots but that wasn't exactly advocating them, he predicted the feel-good "progressives" would riot because he knew they support things like open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants. The rioters at recent Trump rallies are obviously Hillary or Sanders supporters who not only don't want Trump to succeed but don't want anyone else to be allowed to support him either.

      Trump did make a mistake in saying he should pay the legal bills of that old guy who punched the young BLM protester at his rally, but that's hardly the same as hundreds or thousands of violent rioters trying to shut down his political event, terrorize families, destroy property and injure cops and Trump supporters. Trouble with the "progressives" is they can't tolerate anyone else supporting Trump either. If you don't agree with them you are in danger of physical harm, and that's the simple fact.

      I predict there are a lot of Trump supporters who will show up at the polls in November...more than we are seeing publicly supporting him now. The reason I think so is that people who support Trump are afraid to do so publicly. The left's obvious strategy is to terrorize voters into agreeing with the "progressive" agenda. How can anyone support the "progressives" knowing what type of scum are on their side, and knowing that neither Clinton or Sanders has decried that behavior or even accepted responsibility for their own supporter's actions?


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