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Mad Dog to speak in DC

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  • Mad Dog to speak in DC

    Will it happen?

    I'm almost excited.

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    He'll never run. He's over qualified.

    Be nice if he would, though. I think he would probably take it. I would love to see a Marine in the White House.
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      He would shake things up for sure. I would love to see the heads of the liberal left explode if he did throw his hat in the ring. That alone would be worth it, but when it comes right down to it, I don't know if he would have enough support being a virtual unknown to most American voters.
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        Never happen.
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          Only military man to have stood a chance isn't running. Gen Powell.

          I'm not sure that military service is looked at the same way it use to be. It didn't help McCain much if at all.
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            He won't run IMO. Mattis - despite his reputation - is a pretty sensible and well rounded fellow. He is too intellectual for the current climate of fear and resentment that is impacting both party's primaries and the larger general election.


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              I've never bought into the idea that military men make the best leaders in the civilian world. In the military a commander has leverage over enlisted men because the enlisted men know they can get in serious trouble for not following orders. In the civilian world that leverage is gone.
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