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Microsoft sues US over secret demands for customer data

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  • Microsoft sues US over secret demands for customer data

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Microsoft is suing the U.S. government over a federal law that allows authorities to examine customer emails or online files without the individual's knowledge.

    The lawsuit comes as the tech industry is increasingly clashing with U.S. officials over the privacy rights of customers. Apple has been waging a high-profile legal battle over the FBI's attempt to compel that company's help in obtaining data stored on iPhones.

    In Microsoft's case, the company says the U.S. Justice Department is abusing a decades-old law, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, to obtain court orders that require the company to turn over email or other customer files that are stored on its servers, while prohibiting Microsoft from notifying the customer. Microsoft says that violates constitutional rights of free speech and protection against unreasonable searches.
    AP - Full Article

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