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Obama’s doctrine: Half-friends? With friends like this who needs..

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  • Obama’s doctrine: Half-friends? With friends like this who needs..

    Notwithstanding his administration and his advisors, US President Barack Obama has not been convinced of real cooperation between the US and Gulf countries. From day one, he wanted a rapprochement with Iran. He had warmed up to the idea and was fascinated by it to the extent of addiction.

    Obama considered the nuclear agreement which he sealed with Tehran as a historical achievement which will top the achievements of his presidential era. What’s certain is that although his era achieved some economic success, it did not achieve any political success.

    Obama’s era marked miserable failures in the region, withdrawal from all of the US influential posts besides leaving the arena for terrorists from al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah and Iran’s proxies.

    Obama’s recent interview with The Atlantic gave a glimpse of his political doctrine. The interview was clear and frank and exposed his real mindset during the two presidential terms, and which led the US to its lowest levels of popularity. The US failed on the Syrian front, Arab revolutions and almost on all political matters.
    Dispite our best intentions, the system is dysfunctional that intelligence failure is guaranteed.
    Russ Travers, CIA analyst, 2001

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    Obama's 8 years in office will go down as ones marked by domestic and foreign policy failures one, after the other.

    Energy? The Green revolution he backed mostly with stimulus dollars has been largely an expensive failure of bankruptcies that produced few results.
    Poverty is up, employment down... to record lows (despite the U30 idiocy / sham showing low unemployment). More people receive food stamps today than at anytime in US history for example.

    Obamacare hasn't delivered lower prices or better service to its users. Instead, it wallows near the drain of a death spiral as the few insurers left in the plan threaten to pull out without enormous rate hikes every year to cover their losses. The healthy young refuse to altruistically sign up even as the IRS confiscates their income.

    Look at how Cuba treated him on his recent visit. The Castro brothers played him like a fiddle.

    Iran, China, Russia, you name the nation, they all see Obama as spineless and feckless, the guy that leads safely from the rear on every issue.

    I can't recall a President that was as ineffectual with Congress in modern history either. Obama literally has zero political capital with them, even among his own party.


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      What do you expect from a Muslim apologist in the war-torn world of today?


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