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This is why Austrailian style gun control won't work here.

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    Originally posted by Achtung Baby View Post
    I liked that movie, but it was fictional. In real life, gun beats knife or axe.
    Dispite our best intentions, the system is dysfunctional that intelligence failure is guaranteed.
    Russ Travers, CIA analyst, 2001


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      Originally posted by SRV Ron View Post
      There is something called a Second Amendment that has prevented an Australian type mandated gun control - so far. That could soon change should the Republican leadership cave in on Obama's Supreme Court appointee.

      Once "People" are defined as the group or community, all individual right under the Constitution and its ten Bill of Rights will cease to exist.

      When that happens, you will not be allowed to assemble peacefully, you will not be allowed to have firearms, you will not be allowed to be secure from unreasonable search and seizure of your property.

      A quick Internet search already finds that the definition of those first ten are already being distorted in favor of the Progressives. Here are the Bill of Rights as written.

      Example, Progressives argue that only people that are members of a militia can only be armed while in a state militia. It really means that people have the right to have arms so that a militia can be formed to protect the free state. And, those arms back then included artillery cannons, the most powerful weapons at that time.


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