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Anyone hear "The Windsor Hum?"

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  • Anyone hear "The Windsor Hum?"

    Sounds strange, what the heck are they doing on that island?

    For years now, a low, rumbling hum has plagued the residents of Windsor, Ontario – just across the river from Detroit.
    Known as the "Windsor Hum," some say the mysterious noise is so intense that it's more easily felt than heard.
    "It has been described as sounding like an idling locomotive, a transport truck and running refrigerator," the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. wrote in 2014. "People have complained about sleepless nights, rattling windows and headaches."
    Government studies in 2014 traced the sound to U.S. Steel Corp. operations on Zug Island, an industrial property in the city of River Rouge, Mich., which lies just south of Detroit, according to the National Post. Officials from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade told the paper that they were unable to access the site -- because it lies on the other side of an international border -- and failed to pinpoint its source.
    "It’s like chasing a ghost,” University of Windsor professor Colin Novak, who has investigated the sound, told the CBC.
    The hum is often heard on the western and southern ends of Windsor and, for many, encountering the noise is a deeply unsettling experience. On a single night in 2012, more than 22,000 residents phoned into a town hall to discuss the noise and ask questions, such as how the noise might affect building foundations and whether it poses a threat to pregnant women
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    Before Saginaw became Sag Nasty, heavy manufacturing was a major industry in the county with some 50,000 jobs. Living 10 miles away, I could hear a similar hum made from the heavy machinery of Nodular Iron, Grey Iron, Malleable Iron, Baker Perkins, Lufkin Ruler, Sunshine Biscuit, Eaton Mfg, all 5 Steering Gear, and numerous other manfacturers.

    Now, only the one former Steering Gear and a shell of Grey Iron remains with less then 5,000 jobs. Most of the other locations are either vacant lot Brown-fields, or crumbling ruins.

    The hum from heavy industry has long been silenced as the city population has dropped in half the majority of which are on the dole.
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