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If the Republicans go to a brokered convention....

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    Originally posted by Daemon of Decay View Post
    I for one am just enjoying the spectacle. It's a win-win for me, and I just hope we get to see more before November.
    That's fine for you as a Non-U.S. citizen. Not so good for the U.S. and its friends.
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      Originally posted by 17thfabn View Post
      I would agree in most cases.

      I think Rubio, Cruz and Kasich supporters can be a little disappointed but support each other.

      Trump is polling at around 35% . A very high % that don't vote for him can't stand him! Should 65% have Trump shoved down their throat?
      And why should the larger percentage that did not vote for Rubio, Cruz, or Kasich have one of those shoved down their throats? Your anger being worthier than the anger or other is exactly how liberals think.

      Whomever has the most delegates should get the nod. Isn't that how democracy should work, instead of following those principles only when it suits you?

      And Rubio is done. He was once the darling of the Tea Party. Then the gang of eight. Then saying one thing in Spanish and another in English. Then attacking Cruz and Trump like a rabid dog worst than Trump ever did. Then becoming the Establishment choice. His supporters are abandoning him faster that rats on a sinking ship and not a single peep about him because you have a preset bias against Trump.

      Anti-Trump people call him a liar and a fraud and a hater yet nothing about Rubio who acted like a kid that just got his toy broken in the last two debates and went around making fun of others. Give me a break, there is no high ground except in your mind. You really trust politicians over someone who is not? I don't even like Trump but will vote for him over Sanders and Clinton.
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        It comes down to this, none of the other candidates are going to grow a pair large enough drive the screaming nitwits off the stage of public discourse. Trump is a crude vulgar guy but there is something sinister about people that can stay calm while the pathological empathetic altruists try to tear down western civilization.

        We can have this war now or we can wait 50 years and try to fight the Orwellian forces that grow stronger every day. If you want to have a nice guy then what your are really voting for is a shooting war in 50 years.

        The difference between Clinton and Trump is she thinks she can secretly control and manipulate the people that want to destroy western civilization Trump knows you have to bring them into the light. You can't fight what you can't see.

        It also doesn't matter if you are a liberal or conservative there is a common enemy and political purity is little excuse for not being engaged. So yes Trump is not a "pure" conservative but he is also not a wimp.

        It is disheartening to see how effective the tactics of left have been at silencing even conservatives. When the religious right was driven into the conservative camp it was only a matter of time until labels such as Islamophobia would tear the Republican party apart. Separation of church and state didn't mean some religions it meant all religions.

        Some people ask what Liberals have in common with the Islamic terrorist and the answer is nothing. But the certainly knew you could use one religion against another to insert their own. You could ask how such a group as "Queers for Palestine" could possibly exist. The answer of course is that suicide is seldom a rational choice. In the world we live in where people are constantly reminded how bad they are and that there culture has no redeeming features no rational view is likely to survive and that is the point you are not suppose to be rational. If you want to be a human sacrifice on the alter of sins of our fathers to satisfy the perverse dreams of regressives then yes there is little hope.

        The kind of emotional manipulation that the regressives use cannot be confronted pleasantly. College professors are going to have to lose there jobs as many already have. Politics will have to be reduce to the level that Trump represents and we all will have to pay our dues for letting it go on so long.

        The real villains are the people that few in the general public are even aware of. People like Noam Chomsky and his six degrees of blame game that he plays with American politics. So why do they do it and the answer is because they are smarter than you are. Huge egos massive brains and nothing to do but manipulate people. The insistence on a post modernist world view isn't because these are caring people but because it justifies control. We are all just blank slates that the intellectual elites can write their will on. Anyone who stands in there way is going to be labeled a bigot. What a bigot is will constantly shift because it is a tool that can be molded to fit any job. But of course the intellectual elites will be the first victims of the mob they have wiped up and we can already see that with people like Sam Harris.

        The vast majority of people on both sides are just food soldiers but would you really pick Cruz as your general?

        Clinton may be right that it takes a village or maybe an army but what are you going to do with a village reduced to idiocy by political correctness. The irony is that the Islamist, Christians, and other groups including many socialist that are sincerely altruistic in some way will be the first to be crushed if the neo Marxist every actually take power. The one overwhelming truth is that for these people life is not as important as ideology. They are the new priest hood and they are messing with your politics so just be nice and accept your fate at their alter.
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          Some quick thoughts.

          Ted Cruz is even a bigger loser for the Republican cause in November than Trump. He simply is too far to the right, and scares the middle and far left like Sanders does with the far right, but without Sanders' congeniality.

          Polls show Kasich tightening the lead in Michigan, but I fear it will be a case of too little too late. However, he is still likely to take Ohio which is a winner take all state. Unfortunately, so is Florida and Rubio is sinking fast. His inexperience has shown rather brightly in the last couple of debates. However, this is a roller coaster of a primary season with ups and downs for everyone, so who knows.

          If Trump takes Florida (99 delegates) then it will be nigh on to impossible to stop him. If he takes Florida and Ohio (66 delegates) it is over bar the shouting. If he takes neither, then it is a whole new ball game.

          A brokered convention which leads to Trump being dumped would have severe consequences with Trump voters voting with their feet or voting Democratic. At the very least it will be nothing but a series of howls and screams diverting attention and voters away from the GOP nominee.

          There is simply no good way out of this mess, and matters are not much better on the Democratic side.



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            Originally posted by 17thfabn View Post
            That's fine for you as a Non-U.S. citizen. Not so good for the U.S. and its friends.
            Oh it's good fun for everyone, especially if you want to see political change in the United States. Bonus points if the GOP fractures and breaks - something far better could rise from the ashes.


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