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Two Catholic Priests Shielded Hundreds Of Abuses

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    Originally posted by Pirateship1982 View Post
    2. Infallibility. While Protestants see themselves as flawed human beings the Catholic Church teaches that the Pope is God's right hand man. For much of history he was viewed as speaking for God and the priests were divine agents. When these sex abuse stories started popping up, that kind of challenges the notion of divine guidance and the leadership panicked and tried to preserve the image of perfection by shuffling the offenders around.

    Protestant doctrine allows you to be wrong because you don't claim to speak for God. You're just making your own way and trying to follow the message. So if one of ours screws up or goes bad then that is on the him and not the doctrine whereas if you claim to speak for God and mess up then it hurts your theology because you're supposed to be perfect.
    Infallibility, as most people understand it is not Catholic doctrine. All Catholics, the congregaton, priests, bishops, cardinals and even the pope are all acknowledged to be fallible and sinners. Catholic doctrine holds that the only infallible person to ever live was Jesus.

    The confusion comes from the concept of papal infalliblity, which does not mean the pope is infallible but is a a system for making absolute doctrinale decisions. The only time papal infallibly exists is when the pope is speaking from the chair of St Peter, not necessarily the physical chair but with the authority of the chair, to make a major, absolute doctrinal proclamation.

    There all all sorts of rules governing what sort of things can be declared infallible and they are very narrow in scope, mostly involving things related to major interpretations of scripture and the church's core beliefs. For example the declaration in the 1950s supporting the doctrinal belief in the assumption of Mary was held as an infallible statement.

    Its also important to remember that this sort of thing is extremely rare. Papal infallibility is invoked maybe once or twice a century. A far cry from the idea that the clergy in general is infallible, which nobody in their right mind has ever tried to claim.
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      Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
      ATTN: Bwaha

      Pedophiles do not have "healthy sex lives", and if the Catholic nuns can handle celibacy...

      ATTN: Mountainman

      The Atheist also have problems with "healthy sex lives"

      By focusing on the Catholic Church only, we aren't addressing the problem.
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        Originally posted by MarkV View Post
        And it isn't even a doctrine only a discipline, and one introduced in the 11th century for political reasons as much as religious so the guy at the top in the 21st century could change it in the same way as the bloke in the 11th century introduced it.
        Eastern/Byzantine Rite Catholic priests are allowed to marry. I find it telling that almost all of the abuse cases that I am aware of concerned diocesan priests and not members of monastic orders.


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          This is not rocket surgery,
          I stated this on another Op, but it applies here.
          There are three kinds of people,
          1. Predators
          2. Prey
          3. Survivors
          Predators hunt victims, that is what they do. Predatory child abusers are going to go where children are. They want to gain trust of the parents, they want to have opertunity to seperate thier prey from the herd ( the family),
          Children do not have well developed danger sensory systems, they trust authority figures, so do parents.
          It is no coincidence that we are seeing so many cases like these not only with clergy but with teachers, doctors, etc.
          Always be suspicious of people who desire closeness with children.
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