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  • Originally posted by Stonewall_Jack View Post
    The Russian issue though is a serious issue for Mr Trump, its a type of issue that GWB and Obama did not have to deal with.
    The Russian issue is serious but not from Trump's perspective.

    The initial GPS Fusion dig up dirt on Trump originated from his GOP competitors. When he took the nomination, the digging stopped. At that point the DNC and Clinton funded additional digging up dirt which produced the dossier. The Obama Administration used the dossier to start an illegal investigation against president elect Trump by people driven by politics in both the intelligence and investigative side of the government.

    The past month has clearly shown that politics has driven this investigation......which still hasn't turned up evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. It has shown a deep hatred towards Trump from the people that are supposed to be unbiased.

    When the dust settles on this......we are probably going to have something similar to the Gulf of Tonkin event.....LBJ used the attacks on US ships to justify enlarging the war. The trusted NSA claimed that there was a second attack....that never happened.

    The second piece to this boondoggle is the Administration's use of FISA to spy on president elect Trump.....using a tabloid type dossier as justification. Now we are taking of a Watergate type incident except Obama actually used national intelligence assets and the FBI to investigate an American Citizen because of a dossier that was a classic example of collusion between the GOP, DNC, & Clinton.

    The swamp has been so intent on invalidating our election and making a eunuch out of Trump that they are actually exposing their collusion.
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    "I don't discuss sitting presidents," Mattis tells NPR in an interview. "I believe that you owe a period of quiet."


    • I'm looking at the people that are critical of Trump and have to ask how they would stand-up to the same kind of public scrutiny. I look at a guy like Sam Harris and think how much worse off would the world be if no one had ever heard of him. The truth is that most intellectuals do not make any real difference in the world. Those that do seem to only be balancing out the harm that other intellectuals have done. There is so much hypocrisy and superficial sophistication in Washington that it takes someone as crude as Trump to cut through it. Most of the people who criticize Trump don't see how much like Clinton they are. They have the manners of the upper crust but none of practical experience of the working class.
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      • Originally posted by slick_miester View Post
        He was born rich, and he's been denying it since 1999, when his old man Fred died. Fred was the original real estate developer. It was Fred who turned Donald on to all the contacts in City and State government and in the unions and in the construction industry and in financial services that Donald would need to build so much as a hot dog stand in this City. Not too long ago I posted a link to how Fred got Donald's first project -- the Hyatt at Grand Central -- off the ground. It would never have happened if it weren't for his father.

        Charles Manson's been a household name for even longer. Wanna vote for him?

        That'd sound great -- if it were true. "The Donald's" (that was first wife Ivanna's nickname for her husband) only true success has been cultivating an appearance of success. The reality of his success is a little less impressive than The Donald would have us believe: can't even borrow from a major bank any more he's such a deadbeat.

        Virtually all the major polls had Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania as too close to call in the weeks preceding the election. Just because Hillary didn't pay attention to them didn't mean that they weren't reliable. That's the kind of reasoning proffered by "Stonewall Jack" there.
        Donald Trump took a million dollar loan and turned it into a $3 Billion net worth. That's his and many other's idea of success.

        It's like saying Bob's parents bought him his first book, so he doesn't deserve credit for going on to get a Ph.D.
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