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Bernie Sanders Contributions Flagged for Violating Campaign Finance law

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  • Bernie Sanders Contributions Flagged for Violating Campaign Finance law

    This will be interesting....
    "I don't discuss sitting presidents," Mattis tells NPR in an interview. "I believe that you owe a period of quiet."

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      Golly gee whiz, you mean Bernie got accused of doing what everybody else does constantly? Remember when Billy Bob was raking in contributions from the Chinese and selling tickets to the Lincoln Bedroom? What is BoBo doing when he sells dinner tickets for thousands of dollars a plate in exchange for mediocre food and boring rhetoric?

      They're politicians, for crying out loud. It's what they do.



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        I shan't worry too much about it. Having done about half a dozen of these little financial reports (the last a month ago) over the past few years, I really feel for the Candidates' staffers who fill these monstrosities out. Heck man, just filling them out for 80 donors was a real PITA, and the first year's 2012 election, I know I did not fill the part out about accumulated totals for the election cycle (though no one came close to donating the limit). As we are raising money for a 10 year millage cycle, pretty soon I am going to have to start paying close attention to the totals. The real issue will be the "in kind" donations. What bugs me that while I give the donors' names and addresses (based on their checks or MOs) if they give $100 or more we have to put in their occupations and work addresses. I don't know who the hell most of these people are let alone where they work. Luckily most are old and I just settle for the good ol' "Retired" comment. And don't get me started with cash donations.
        "Uh, looks like we have $31.29 extra in cash."
        "Where did that come from?"
        "Ah dunno. How do we account for it?"
        "Want to claim it as your donation?"
        "Not particularly."
        "Oh, I know. We will just list it under 'Button Sales.' Problem solved. Yippee!"
        "But we haven't sold a button in three and half years! Do we even have any buttons left?"
        "Your point being?"
        "Look, here is $31.29 made from button sales."
        "Hahhh. Now which schedule was that? 4F? . . ."

        Personally, it is just a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense that is supposed to address what is fundamentally a non-issue. I.e. limit donations to limit influence. But the truth is candidates don't really give a **** about where or who the money comes from. I seriously doubt Sanders know's any of those "excess donors" mentioned on the list. All he cares about is how much money was raised, how much money has been spent, and how much money will need to be raised in the future. And given the recent SCOTUS rulings, how much of current election law is actually Constitutional in the first place?



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