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Court: FBI OK to not notify of Minutemen home invasion

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    Ex your missing the point. The FBI doesn't call them domestic terrorists and they are hindering bobos open borders.

    If the feds could they would. Think about all the liberal hate on the Minutemen and how the liberals try to distort and vilify all of their adversaries. Its a common tactic with them. Look at the misleading op. The author tries to lump the punks with the Minutemen to discredit all of them. It's a typical ploy.

    Like the guys who you were talking about, they incense one group of wackos and when they break the law they lump the law abiding in with them to discredit all.

    Fast and Furious is another example, give guns to criminals. Then blame all the law abiding for the results of the the illegal gun giveaways...

    Goggle 'cop leaves gun in bathroom'.

    Once is a incident. Many times and it gets suspicious...
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    Credo quia absurdum.

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      Some of the Arizona Minutemen were pretty much racist jerkwads and such.

      J. T. Ready for example, or Chris Simcox.

      These organizations have attracted a good number of nut goobers, racists, and assorted villainy to them.


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        Originally posted by BKnight3 View Post
        So EVERY hate group tracking is to be ignored.

        ACLU is led by over zealous lawyers, SPLC by a significant population, and ADL is Jewish.

        Which sources do you trust then?
        The ACLU exists to oppose the status quo. They're represented Nazis and the KKK, and the AGF, to name a few.

        The SPLC sees hate crimes under every bed. They have labeled the Boy Scouts as a hate group, and routine inflate every statistic they generate.

        The ADL is somewhat more reliable, but they're fast on the draw and definitely liberal.
        Any man can hold his place when the bands play and women throw flowers; it is when the enemy presses close and metal shears through the ranks that one can acertain which are soldiers, and which are not.


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          Originally posted by ChrisF1987 View Post
          Like the Tea Party movement it started off with noble intentions, in this case to secure our borders but was quickly hijacked by White nationalist bigots and other assorted wackos who just hate Hispanic people irrespective of their legal status. Likewise the Tea Party started off in 2006/2007as a largely libertarian movement to advocate for responsible government spending and was later hijacked by social conservatives, White nationalist bigots, and anti-government loons around the time Obama was elected president in 2008.
          Always those evil white nationalist bigots in every one of your posts. They're the cause of all the world's problems aren't they. You see racism and evil from those nasty white people everywhere you look after all. Me thinks you're projecting.

          Maybe you should accept that no group is any more of less hateful than any other and they all do it equally. Maybe then you'll sound a bit less racist. After all your kind love tolerance and PC right? Then stop discriminating against me with your hate speech. ACG is my safe space and I don't like hearing such bigotry here.
          "Artillery lends dignity to what might otherwise be a vulgar brawl." - Frederick the Great


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