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Marine Banned From Daughter's Graduation Over Islamic Lessons

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  • Originally posted by Biscuit View Post
    I like the idea of a class that deals with world religions and cultures. In today's political climate, other religions and cultures seem to impact my everyday life much more.
    Indeed it's a good idea, but it has to be done right.


    • Originally posted by Nick the Noodle View Post
      Muslims are simply one symptom, not the cause, of what is wrong in the world at present.

      The fact that Muslim nations currently tend to be more angry than others is down to history. Compared to Christian nations a Millennium ago, Muslim nations were usually more peaceful, more prosperous and certainly more educated than European Christian nations.

      The world has turned.

      The only way towards a happy world is a prosperous world.
      History -- or demographics? The nations of the Middle East tend to be among the youngest on the planet. Indeed, since the end of WW2, Middle Eastern populations have grown faster than their economies: read Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat, with special attention to the chapter on the Arab League's negative per capita GDP growth. They've generally been making money, but their populations have grown too quickly for the new prosperity to trickle down to the grass-roots. Young men finishing university find themselves careers in cab driving, and as economic prospects remain so poor, so too do marriage prospects: they can't get laid. No money, no pu$$y, too much education: bad combination. Couple that with the Middle East's traditional sources of wealth -- petroleum -- and there's little prospect for broad-based growth. Culture and religion play their roles too, so that Arab men refuse certain forms of work as beneath their dignity as men ( ) and you've got a real mess a-brewin'. Islam is but one part of the problem, and as evidenced by troubles experienced in Europe, UK, US, Japan, etc, in earlier eras, I'm guessing that Islam, while providing convenient ideological justifications for violence, is merely a pretext -- not a primary cause -- of these problems.

      Be careful how you define "prosperity," though. Simply giving money to idle youth does little to soothe their . . . . less admirable urges: recall some British youth in the 1980s. Young adults have to become productive and vital contributors to their society, and that's something that the Arab oil kingdoms have failed at miserably. Read The J-Curve. Wealth generation without labor becomes the pocket change of the guys in charge, and that leaves too many on the outside looking in.
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