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Cruz fires campaign spokesman over Bible flap

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  • Cruz fires campaign spokesman over Bible flap

    Oddly enough, the alleged statement was likely more correct than what Rubio actually said..
    At a press conference immediately before his rally here in the gymnasium of the Durango Hills YMCA, Ted Cruz announced that he had fired his longtime campaign spokesman Rick Tyler for posting on his Facebook page a false news story that purported to show rival Marco Rubio making a disparaging remark about the Bible. Cruz called Tyler’s action a “grave error of judgment.”
    The erroneous story was originally published by student publication the Daily Pennsylvanian along with a video in which Rubio said, “Got a good book there,” to a Cruz staffer he spotted reading the Bible. At this point the audio in the video becomes hard to understand, and the video used subtitles to allege that Rubio continued, “Not many answers in it.” In reality, what Rubio said was, “Got a good book there. All the answers are in there.”

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    Trump is right, Cruz's campaign really went off the rails.


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      They're falling on their swords...the end is almost here.


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