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    Originally posted by DeltaOne View Post
    Agreed, Bobo the Clown is one of the worst presidents in US history. Have you lived north of the border? It's obvious you haven't. Thus, your post is speculative at best. I live in both the US and in Canada. We have a home in California and one in British Columbia. I don't have to rely on others to state the facts!

    I've visited North of the border often enough to know I have no desire to live there. Nor do wife and I have the financial situation to maintain two homes in two countries. Kudo to you. My post is as speculative as those of many others outside the USA whom voice their views and opinions, as I've stated previously here, based in most part on my conversations and interactions with the Canadians shopping down here. Your "facts" are your subjective observations.
    Originally posted by DeltaOne View Post
    We Americans have been dishing it out (laughing) for so long at our northern neighbours. It's bloody embarrassing!
    No all of us, but rant away ...
    Originally posted by DeltaOne View Post
    I was in Bend Oregon last week at an outdoors trade show for fishing and hunting guides, firearms, off road vehicles etc..
    I asked one of the Canadian guides if they were booking lots of hunting trips and I mentioned that I was an American living up there. He said they almost fully booked each hunt. He had a question for me. He said he didn't follow our politics but he wanted to know why so many Americans were asking him what they had to do to be able to move to Canada because of the state of our country. I tried my best to help him understand. Other Canadian services there said the same thing. What does that tell you?
    That some people here would rather leave than fix what they think is wrong. But probably "tells" me something other than what it tells you.

    Originally posted by DeltaOne View Post
    If you couldn't laugh, too bad for you.
    Who says I didn't laugh? It was slightly amusing. All I did was provide some counterpoints, showed how the gate can swing the other way and suddenly we get some here whose panties are in a ****. A few of you are playing the classic libtard profile of claiming anyone whom doesn't share your view/humor is being hateful and insulting. How about some specifics?
    Originally posted by DeltaOne View Post
    They move south for the same reason we move north. The fact that some get upset by a 2 minute video is ludicrous and immature.
    Again, how does providing my counter point/view equate to "upset". The only "upset" I'm seeing here is from some thin-skinned sorts whom are peeved I didn't give an "LOL ".
    Originally posted by DeltaOne View Post
    We laugh at them and all our late night talk shows make fun of them. They aren't crying the blues.
    Again, where do you get this "we" Kemosabe'? I don't do the cable/dish/TV thing so haven't seen those late night shows, or any others. Again another libtard trait to broad brush someone you disagree with.
    Originally posted by DeltaOne View Post
    If you don't like it, pack up your toys and go home just like a spoiled child does when they don't get their way. You don't need to pay any attention to this thread if you don't like it!
    Another so mature response from you. Only one bitching about not getting their way is you. If I was all that you claim, you likely would have gotten a red pip from me. As it was, the clip is a barely worth thinking about other than more smug preaching to us 'Mericans from the rest of the world.

    Read your signature line lately.
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