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The Trillion Dollar Liberal Arts Scam and Progressive Credentialism

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  • The Trillion Dollar Liberal Arts Scam and Progressive Credentialism

    Warning: foul language but most of it is correct. Besides the Liberal Arts/Law School scams, I have noticed progressive credentialism going on my entire life- and now everybody has 1-6 college degrees and are or were up to their eyeballs in debt.

    Employers/corporations know this and in our time they have off-loaded the educational investments/risk onto employees. Business schools are loaded with marginally useful or worthless degrees with actuarial science and accounting the only ones with actual value.

    Progressive credentialism is part of competing as a professional in the job market and it has gotten more & more extensive with all the overeducation/worthless education needed. This comes in hand with the tendency of service jobs to expand in specialization over prior generations.

    eg. A few generations ago, a person only needed 2 years work experience in accounting and they could sit for the exams to become a CPA. Now, they have to get master's courses in many states, do CPE/educational quota, and then sit for other credentials throughout their professional career. Much of this activity is not that useful and mostly serves to employ the educational industries.

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    We have tge same issue in south africa. In fact our Minster of education has asked people to stop studing all these subjects with zero to no job optunties. Of course even though if you go to a technical school and become a plumber you can choose who to work for or just start a company and get customers any where. Every one wants to be a big shot CEO. Forgeting people like Richard Bradson did not study how to becom a CEO of a chain of companies that include gyms and a space program.
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