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    Originally posted by copenhagen View Post
    What needs to be understood is their belief that only white people are racist because only white people can exercise power over other races therefore a black or Asian person cannot be racist. It's similar with the feminist movement. Women can't exercise power over men with the "patriarchy" so misandry doesn't exist. Would I lie?

    It's a way for bigots to create propoganda to allow themselves to have the permanent moral high ground without having their positions challenged (remain in a safe space ) that makes them the good people. In their minds anyway.
    Who knew that you needed to review someone's tax return to determine their income status before determining whether a comment was sexist or racist? Presumably the out of work non-voting member of the KKK is too economically and socially "disenfranchised" to be racist.


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      Originally posted by Jose50 View Post
      OK ...let me get this straight..."Whiteness" studies, not "White" studies...right? What a crock of crap. I think these 'professors' need to look to some other means of making a living. Rabble rousing, riot fomenting, placard making, demonstration practicing...something up that alley.
      Instead of dissecting the perceived "white" way of life, I think that more time should be spent on courses like "How to get along in a civilized society" or "Learning to live by the laws that govern us all" or "How to get a successful job so I can get off welfare" or "This is MY country, how can I help it be more successful?" or "The optimism of multiracial communities".
      The level of idiocy these days has reached unprecedented levels, and that is just one more example. With that being said, the Iggy Azalea Twitter feud with Macklemore's over the issues of 'White Privilege' is absolutely symptomatic of what may have inspired the useful idiots at Portland State to create that exercise in insincere academic self flagellation that is the "Whiteness" course. For those of you that have not stumbled upon the Iggy Azalea/Macklemore spat, here are the details. Macklemore (who is white) took Azalea (white and Australian) to task for a lack authenticity (not black enough I guess) in one of his raps with these lyrics:

      You're Miley, you're Elvis, you're Iggy Azalea
      Fake and so plastic, you've heisted the magic
      You've taken the drums and the accent you rapped in
      You're branded hip-hop, it's so fascist and backwards
      That Grandmaster Flash'd go slap it, you bastard
      All the money that you made
      All the watered down pop-bullshit version of the culture, pal
      Go buy a big-ass lawn, go with your big-ass house
      Get a big-ass fence, keep people out

      I have no idea what makes Macklemore think that he is somehow making a greater or more valid contribution to the "culture" that he is profiting from than Ms Azalea is. Anyway, the aforementioned lyrics led to the Twitter spat. At this juncture the Black rapper Talib Kweli Greene jumps into the fray by attacking Ms Azalea with statements like "How exactly to (sic) you contribute to & give back to the culture u profit from?" Besides the fact that Mr. Greene's grammar leaves to be desired he clearly suffers from ethno-cultural-centric myopia. Clearly Mr. Green is unaware that Hip Hop and Rap are no longer exclusively African-American phenomena. Mr. Greene also fails to understand that Ms. Azalea is not obligated to contribute monetarily or otherwise to any community. Finally, since Mr. Greene feels he is entitled to be other people's conscious, he should consider a target like Shaquille O'Neal who has so much money that he gave his 16 year old son a brand new Lamborghini for his birthday! After that he really needs to call Roto-Rooter because he is as full of dookie as any septic tank that I can think of; he can probably get a group discount if he gets Macklemore to go along as he is full of dookie too. You just have to love it!

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        Originally posted by 101combatvet View Post
        This is another one that gets around.


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