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U.S. News & World Report - Ranking "Best Countries"

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  • U.S. News & World Report - Ranking "Best Countries"

    Yes, this is the ranking countries flavour of the day:

    Top 10?

    Commissioned by brand and strategy firm BAV Consulting, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and the U.S. News & World Report commissioned brand and strategy firm BAV Consulting to survey 16,000 people from 60 countries across 65 different criteria related to economics, politics, culture, tourism and many other categories.

    The ongoing project uses both raw data and journalism to try to explain why countries ranked the way they did. David Reibstein, Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School, compares the importance of branding a large private company to that of an entire country.

    “Brands are all about the perceptions people have,” Reibstein says in a video explaining the methodology. “When you think about our perception of a country, it may be very different than other people’s perception of it. We all have some chauvinism about our own particular country.”

    The results of the project thus far have produced an in-depth document that breaks down the performance of nations using the following sub-rankings which were then combined to create the final rank:

    - Citizenship
    - Entrepreneurship
    - Quality Of Life
    - Cultural Influence
    - Open for business
    - Adventure
    - Power Heritage

    For the purposes of the study, the Entrepreneurship category considered:

    - How well a country is connected to the rest of the world.
    - How much of the population is considered to be well-educated
    - The country’s ability to access highly-skilled labour
    - The degree of clarity a country provides in its legal framework and accepted business practices
    - Technological expertise
    - Ease of access to capital

    By comparison, the Open For Business category focused on:

    - Bureaucratic structure
    - Cheap manufacturing costs
    - Level of corruption
    - Transparency of government practices
    - Whether or not the country has a favourable tax system

    “Open For Business in our model boils down to whether or not a country is checking off the basics,” says John Gerzema, CEO of BAV Consulting. “Is it dealing with corruption issues? Is it transparent in its practices? Is it creating favourable tax environments to businesses? These basic dimensions quite surprisingly are now available to many countries. Being business ready isn’t necessarily the advantage it once was. It’s becoming something that many countries now have the ability to understand.”
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