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Charlize Theronís love prompts Sean Penn to melt down his gun collection

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    Originally posted by Arnold J Rimmer View Post
    I think you're too easy on him.

    This move from a guy who made his career playing violent roles in violent movies?
    I'm not going to touch upon his hypocrisy in this (he's an actor, after all, and a "progressive/leftist"--lying and hating the US is in his genes). Nor am I going to touch upon his acting ability, I'm sure he's a damned fine actor.

    However, he's a POS. That about sums it up. There are other actors I tolerate that are most likely as baised and uninformed as he is, but they don't make it a point to bring attention to it in the most spectacular ways.
    The First Amendment applies to SMS, Emails, Blogs, online news, the Fourth applies to your cell phone, computer, and your car, but the Second only applies to muskets?


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