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George who? Pataki dropping out of Republican race

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  • George who? Pataki dropping out of Republican race

    Where will his supporter go?
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      When he was governor we didn't pay much attention to him, so this is no different.
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        Originally posted by 17thfabn View Post
        Where will his supporter go?
        Who cares?
        Him and half a dozen others have been polling 0-1% all along. Trim the fat down by another 7 candidates and we might have something interesting to talk about.

        And, I think it will start to happen quickly. Polling at an effective 0% is one thing, but having that carved in stone at New Hampshire is another thing entirely. It would be a "no, you won't get any backing next time" ruling.


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          Good riddance to him.

          Now if only we could get other candidates to drop out, like Trump, Bush, Christie, and others.

          I want to see a real contest between Cruz and Rubio. I'm excited for both candidates, so let's get it on.
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            I'm dropping out too. I figure if Pataki needs to announce this I should too, since we both had the same impact on the GOP race.


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