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Another Unintended Consequence

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  • Another Unintended Consequence

    The House Spending Bill passed and there will be little more drama until 2017. Was this a success of Paul Ryan or Rep. Pelosi? And did the Petroleum Industry care more about their exports than about politics?
    How did this happen? Two underlying dynamics were at play. First, because many of the most conservative Republicans would not support the spending bill under almost any circumstances, Ryan had to depend on Democrats to reach the two hundred and eighteen votes necessary to pass the legislation. That put Pelosi in a powerful negotiating position, and is the most recent example of how the House Freedom Caucus, by withholding support for Republican leadership’s priorities, has helped to shift legislation to the left. As the former Freedom Caucus member Tom McClintock argued when he resigned from the group, in September, the Freedom Caucus has “unwittingly become Nancy Pelosi’s tactical ally.”

    The second political dynamic at play was that, despite all of the recent attention paid to issues of stopping Planned Parenthood and blocking refugees, the constituencies for these policies proved to be incredibly weak compared to the G.O.P.’s business wing, especially the American Petroleum Institute, which launched a fierce lobbying campaign to win the right to export American crude. “Today, the American people can cheer the House and now the Senate for putting the nation’s energy needs ahead of politics,” the American Petroleum Institute president Jack Gerard wrote in a statement when the bill passed.

    I have recognized for a long time that the flip of the Democratic Party to a liberal party and the Republican Party to a Conservative Party really began with Lyndon Johnson’s Civil Rights push in the1960s. Now I think it is just about complete. The Republican Party has become a blue-collar Conservative party and at times an anti-Cronyism Party and it’s going more against Big Business just about every day and Big Business is turning against it also (recall the bru-haha over Gay Rights in Indiana last summer and Wal-Mart going against the Arkansas anti-Gays as examples), and the Democratic Party has become a party that helps Big Business majorly. It’s sort of like the socially liberal Big Business Republican Party of the 1960s. I think that is why we are seeing more business support for Democrat Party candidates and more socially liberal policies.

    We are seeing some very interesting dynamics in both parties.
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    Being able to export oil is a good thing. It will allow the US some degree of say in the world commodities market as a counter to OPEC and others.


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      The crude oil export ban was moronic. The trade off was an extension of wind and solar tax credits scheduled to expire this year.

      Consumers win with the former and lose with the latter. Taxpayers lose, as we.always do.
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        I'd say it really doesn't matter. 2016 matters. If a Republican is elected President, and the Republicans have a majority in Congress, then the stalemate is broken for a minimum of two years.
        That's when the Republicans can push through the budgets they want. Without Obama in play to veto the bills, the Democrats become irrelevant. Unlike Obamacare, budget legislation only requires a majority in both houses.

        The Democrats have one sure year of divided power left. After that, it's up for grabs. I personally view Shrillary as a very lame candidate for the Democrats who has tons of baggage against her winning. The Presidency is really the Republican's to lose this time.


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          Originally posted by Jannie View Post
          We are seeing some very interesting dynamics in both parties.
          Yes, they are united with each other against us, the people.

          What happened last week showed that the replacement of the Speaker, let alone all the Republican victories in the House and Senate... are absolutely meaningless.
          Accuse a republican in DC of even thinking about a Govt closure (the only means they have of reducing spending) and they fold up like a cheap stool.

          Syrian refugees, Gang Green, more spying, exporting oil to raise prices in the US, all of that is A-Ok with this crew of cronies.
          I'm too mad to dwell on this, but I am voting against everyone that holds office for the rest of my life.


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