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US: Trump delivers bigoted remarks against Jews 47 seconds into speech

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  • US: Trump delivers bigoted remarks against Jews 47 seconds into speech

    The Donald will say what he feels...

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has managed to offend yet another group of people, after he delivered a bizarre speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington. In his address to the crowd, Trump repeatedly made offensive and stereotypical remarks about Jews, and he was met with boos by the pro-Israel organisation after he refused to say whether he thought Jerusalem should be the undivided capital of Israel.

    "I'm in a different position to the other candidates, because I'm the one candidate - I don't want any of your money," Trump said, intervening against himself just 47 seconds in. "I want your support, but I don't want your money," he continued. Congratulating himself on his perceived successes, Trump said: "I've been sometimes criticised because I've received so many awards from Jewish groups and they look at my wall - it's loaded up, but now the Christians are catching up, I have to tell you. My Christians are liking me a lot lately."

    People Trump has insulted in this campaign (partial list): 1. Jews 2. The disabled 3. Muslims 4. Women 5. Immigrants 6. Refugees 7. Blacks

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    As do the leaders and much of the population of every Middle Eastern Muslim nation on a constant basis.

    Your point would be...? That they have some mystical right that free Americans under our Constitution do not?


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