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RNC pulls out of NBC debate

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    If they want a debate they can just start posting here
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      I’ve been reading a discussion of the debate on reddit/politics

      I have the impression that many of the commenters think serious questions that the candidates regard as “gotcha” questions, or should we say questions that “challenge their ability to not give BS answers” are fair. Now why is this? because as someone said, Putin can be a really “gotcha” sort of guy and that the pols need to be able to deal with a Putin sort of situation.

      In one man’s analysis of the questions he says that questions that were answered in another debate were nothing but BS. I totally disagree with that. Some questions and answers need lots of repetition.

      However, a lot of the commenters think that it just served a right-wing political purpose to accuse NBC of being unfairly partisan and that really pleased the FOX news crowd to see the liberal press taken down a peg or two.

      I propose a neutral ground debate—send them to Canada (or maybe Australia) and let the Canadian Broadcasting Company (or whoever does Australian news, (no Murdock company)) present a debate with their pundits asking the questions. That could be very enlightening and probably a very serious debate.

      Or perhaps written questions can be presented to the candidates and they chose the ones that they will answer. However, at the end of the debate the public will get to see ALL of the questions that the candidates rejected.
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        Originally posted by Salinator View Post
        Nothing stopping you from going to a Dem lovefest debate. The lack of the Dems coming forth to decry the latest bias demonstrated to he entire world is so eerily telling.

        No sense of level field or fair play? So telling.

        Any more feigned outrage about other Republican actions?

        Nothing but distance and cost. I have family in Houston. I can't go to some leftist Seattle "debate" - but I could make it to Houston.


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