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Green Beret Discharged for Shoving Accused Afghan Rapist Speaks Out

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    Originally posted by sebfrench76 View Post
    Your sentence has 2 ways to be understood


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      Originally posted by Bass_Man86 View Post
      What the Army is doing to this NCO is shameful!

      What the country is doing is more shameful, we are supporting several nations of pedophiles.
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        Originally posted by Gixxer86g View Post
        It seems some folks can look the other way when this stuff happens. Look at Penn State.

        But Green Berets aren't the kind of folks to look the other way. They spend time with these people, they break bread with the village elders. They know who the real enemy are.
        There have been reports of Coalition soldiers trying to stop rapes, reporting Afghan personnel, asking for help in pursuing cases, refusing to work with some soldiers and police officers as well as being ordered to ignore it. These reports go back to the initial days of the invasion. Journalists were reporting on this since day one.

        That is not to say that many Afghans have not also tried to stop this.

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          You can drag the Country into the "promised land"..... if those people are ready for it.

          I submit that the Afghanis are NOT ready for it.

          Why is it we are surprised at their "backward" ways?

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            Originally posted by Grognard Gunny View Post
            You can drag the Country into the "promised land"..... if those people are ready for it.

            I submit that the Afghanis are NOT ready for it.

            Why is it we are surprised at their "backward" ways?

            Ignorance. America and the west at larg(the leader ship really) assumes that the world shares there ideals and follows a simlare moral code. This is hardly the case.
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              Originally posted by andrewza View Post
              Ignorance. America and the west at larg(the leader ship really) assumes that the world shares there ideals and follows a simlare moral code. This is hardly the case.

              Something that I have been trying to tell people for a good many years.
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                The military reversed their decision.

                Green Beret Who Tackled Afghan Child Rapist Won’t Have to Leave Army
                The U.S. Army has reversed a decision to expel a decorated Green Beret for beating up an Afghan military officer who repeatedly raped a boy he kept chained to his bed.
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                  This is from a newsletter by Jonah Goldberg from National Review. I think most people would agree with it.

                  Let’s start with some really good news. Sergeant First Class Charles Martland will not be discharged for beating the stuffing out of an Afghan commander who kept a boy chained up as a sex slave. Martland and Special Forces captain Dan Quinn smacked the guy around because, as it says in the Torah, “It is good to smack around degenerates who rape boys.” I’m probably paraphrasing and maybe it’s not in there, but we can all agree that it should be. A few months ago, I wrote about this case in a “Happy Warrior” magazine column about civilizational confidence. It called to mind one of my favorite stories about the British Empire, which I’ve written about several times. When General Charles Napier was running the show in British-controlled India, he was told by all the local muckety-mucks and diplomatic cookie pushers that he simply couldn’t ban the practice of hanging men who burned widows alive. It was an Indian tradition with a long history of existence, they explained. Napier replied: Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs. One needn’t celebrate imperialism to appreciate the point. Some of our customs are non-negotiable. Here’s how I put it: Of course, the Pashtun fondness for buggering young boys is well known. Kandahar’s reputation as the pederasty capital of South Asia — worst tourist slogan ever! — goes back centuries. The practice, called bacha bazi, is a kind of Veblenesque “conspicuous consumption.” Rich and powerful men — chiefly warlords — take on sex slaves as a status symbol. The unpopularity of the practice helped fuel the rise of the Taliban, which banned it. Local village elders complained to Quinn and others about how predatory the militias had become. So beating the child rapist can be understood as an improvisational effort to win the hearts and minds of the locals. But even if not, it was the right thing to do. I’m no wild-eyed idealist. If we absolutely need to ally ourselves with scummy, backward people in furtherance of a broader strategic imperative, so be it. But you know what? Tolerance is a two-way street. Our troops are taught to adhere to many local customs around the world as a sign of respect. Take off your shoes when you enter their homes. Eat from the communal bowl with your right hand only. Etc. Well, in return, our allies should be expected to meet the minimum requirements of our culture. And way up high on the list of good manners in the West — much higher, in fact, than the proper use of salad forks or covering your mouth when you cough — is: Do Not Rape Young Boys When You Are a Guest of the Americans. An important follow-up in the etiquette manual would state: “If you wish to follow your own customs in this matter, take note: It is an American custom to beat the stuffing out of men who chain up and rape young boys.”

                  Read more at:


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                    I'd just shoot them and be done with it. There's a way to make certain that a rapist doesn't re-offend. BANG.
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