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California Bans Redskins for School Teams but Not Confederate Names on Public Places

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  • California Bans Redskins for School Teams but Not Confederate Names on Public Places

    In a move toward political correctness in some areas but not all, California will no longer allow public schools to name their sports teams "Redskins," but parks and buildings will still be permitted to be named after Confederate heroes.

    On Sunday, California's Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law ending the use of the Redskins team nickname and mascot, which many Native Americans find offensive, while also vetoing legislation that would prevent municipalities from putting Confederate flags or names on public properties.

    Advocates for Native Americans welcomed the decision to ban the term.

    "The most populous state in the country has now taken a stand against the use of this insidious slur in its schools," activists from the group Change the Mascot said in a statement on Sunday. California is "standing on the right side of history by bringing an end to the use of the demeaning and damaging R-word slur in the state's schools."

    California is the first in the nation to outlaw the term statewide, although individual school districts, including ones in Houston and Madison, Wisconsin, have already done so, said Joel Barkin, spokesman for the Oneida Indian Nation in New York State, which has backed the Change the Mascot campaign. California's law goes into effect January of 2017.
    VICE News - Full Article

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    Last time I looked, California had far more serious problems than pandering to Change the Mascot.
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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