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  • Uh oh it's a free for all..

    HOUSTON — Two people were shot on the Texas Southern University campus Friday and the suspect is still at large, said university spokeswoman Eva Pickens.

    The incident occurred at the Houston campus' student housing.


    1 dead, freshman arrested in N. Arizona University shooting

    The historically black university campus is on lockdown.

    "All staff are asked to remain in offices — students to remain in classrooms until further notice," the university said in a statement.

    The shooting was reported around 11:30 a.m. Central time at University Courtyard Apartments on the edge of campus, said Kendrick Callis, an university spokesman. The shooting occurred at the same student housing complex where another person was shot overnight. That victim was treated and released.

    It's not clear whether the two incidents are related.

    According to its website, Texas Southern, which was founded in 1927, has 9,700 students.
    It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself-- Th. Jefferson

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    We're circling the drain...faster, and faster and faster...
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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      Two have been arrested.
      “Breaking News,”

      “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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        Confrontation between members of two frats, I believe.
        Any man can hold his place when the bands play and women throw flowers; it is when the enemy presses close and metal shears through the ranks that one can acertain which are soldiers, and which are not.


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          Originally posted by Arnold J Rimmer View Post
          Confrontation between members of two frats, I believe.
          Frats... Biker gangs... half dozen of one, six of the other...


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