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Hillary's server again...

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  • Hillary's server again...

    Like toadstools after a rain, more companies and people are turning up with copies of her server's contents...

    Now, the private technology company Datto Inc. has copies of a yet undetermined amount of Hillary's server. Of course, the obvious question is why does some private company have any of it?

    Datto was hired to provide backups for the Clinton e-mail accounts starting in May 2013 by Platte River Networks, the Colorado-based tech firm hired earlier that year by the Clinton family to manage the system after Hillary Clinton concluded her term as secretary.
    And, for the reason: One private company sub contracted another private company to provide back ups.

    The question now should be: How many more copies of her server (with all those potentially classified e-mails) exist in private hands?

    I know if any of us did this we'd be looking at more time than Edward Snowden...

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