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H. Clinton or J. Bush?

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    Originally posted by slick_miester View Post
    From your link:

    Both experts and educated laymen would differ.

    The medulla oblongata is the organ associated with immediate incapacitation. It's only about the size of a walnut, however, so the odds that Foster struck it cleanly with an antique .32 are terribly low. Add to that the fact that the organ is fed by three arteries, so even if Foster struck it cleanly, his wound should have produced much more blood than was recorded either by the US Park Police or the pathologist quoted. The pathologist claims that due to the attitude of Foster's body, ie on an incline with his feet below his heart, that the blood pooled within the body, and poured out when the body was placed within a bag. Over time, the blood should have thickened, so that its viscosity was more akin to syrup rather than flowing water. All of that ignores the splatter and spray that should have resulted from a head GSW. These are significant inconsistencies, that have not been resolved, at least not to this layman's satisfaction, at any rate.
    Keyword Layman.
    “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
    Of cabbages—and kings—
    And why the sea is boiling hot—
    And whether pigs have wings.”
    ― Lewis Carroll


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      Originally posted by Combat Engineer View Post
      Keyword Layman.
      Medics and EMTs: how layman are they -- or is this discussion open to MDs only?
      I was married for two ******* years! Hell would be like Club Med! - Sam Kinison


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        Here's a novel experience-let's have an administration WITHOUT someone named Bush or Clinton in it.

        It might actually feel like democracy at work for once.


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          Today and yesterday Clinton "won't rule out" implementing gun control by "executive order"

          Just what we need - more fiat government.


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            I keep voting third party but it doesn't seem to have much effect. I do think however that a sufficiently large third party vote drives both parties toward more reasonable platforms.
            We hunt the hunters


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              Originally posted by lakechampainer View Post
              Today and yesterday Clinton "won't rule out" implementing gun control by "executive order"

              Just what we need - more fiat government.
              That alone should give anyone pause to vote for her. What she's saying is that she, like Obama, is perfectly fine to act to the extent she can in office as a dictator.
              We are not electing a dictator, we're electing a representative head of state to interact with other nations primarily. Congress is supposed to make our laws, not the President.


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                Bush without a doubt, I actually like Bush and I also like Marco Rubio and John Kasich but I think they have a lesser chance of winning the nomination. Fact is, under such circumstances voting for a 3rd party or somehow spoiling the ballot is the same as directly voting for Hillary Clinton. Reality is that Libertarian Party, Green Party, etc are basically irrelevant in terms of electoral votes ... they have zero chance of getting enough votes to stop Hillary from reaching the magic number of 270.

                On the other hand, as a moderate Republican I would like to see one of the extreme wingnuts (Cruz, Carson, Trump, Huckabee, etc) get the nomination and go on to be annihilated by Hillary as a means of forcing the party to return to the center, "triangulate", and adopt a more moderate party platform that broadens the party's appeal to a changing nation. It's time to change, we can't be the party of anger and resentment anymore.


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                  Originally posted by Trung Si View Post
                  I'd vote 3rd party, whoever looked best, but I would never EVER vote for either of those two establishment hacks.
                  And its also pretty unlikely.
                  Clinton can't do anything well aside from attacking other people, and Sanders polls higher vs. just about any Republicer.
                  Bush is the RINO of all RINOs, the pet Geek of all the country club insiders and openly favored by the Dems in the media.

                  And none of this matters until the depths of winter when the primaries start up.


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