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    Originally posted by G David Bock View Post
    Ironically, had an event here tonight where USA 2nd Amendment and personal firearm possession proved handy ...

    We live out in "the country", about 10 miles North of the City of Bellingham, about 3-4 miles South of the town of Lynden, out in unincorporated County and about 15-20 minutes from Sheriff response.

    Our house sets on a two-lane blacktop that is main arterial for mid-country traffic moving West~East. We happen to be about midpoint from the two major intersections of the North~South arterials of "the Guide-Meridian" and "the Hannegan". Our house is the classic 60-70's three-bedroom starter-rambler of about 1000 square feet and back then siting the front of house within 60 feet of the road was acceptable. We are a bit close to both the vehicle and 'foot' traffic hence an occasional after dark episode at the front door.

    We set within the middle of several homes/houses on our side of the road, a small cluster on a long stretch of country road. My "man-cave"~spare bedroom faces the road and when in there with light on, seem to be an incentive on occasion for foot traffic to decide to knock on the door.

    Had one of "Those" happen this evening. Sitting in my room having a smoke(pipe) while engaged in something, notice a "stranger" at the door ~ So I grab a pistol and holding behind my back open the front door to see what is up. He's a young Hispanic guy, maybe late 20s, has a tale about an auto accident over on the corner of the Guide and his vehicle towed away and now hoofing it towards home, asks if he can borrow the phone to make a call or two, which I let him and then encourage him on his way to the next intersection about a mile East where this is a restaurant still open this early in the evening, (it's about 7:50 but dark already) which I advise him might be a better place to find a ride. His phone call results were that his friend's vehicle was being borrowed by someone and not available, this conversation in Spanish and I couldn't follow much of it.

    Now just before opening the door and right after, I'm scanning the area outside, across the street and in front of neighbor's to make sure there is no "strange" vehicles parked nearby, or cluster of other people around. During some of the interaction I slipped the pistol into my backpocket to free my other hand, but remained on guard.

    Perhaps I should offer a total stranger a ride (), but would like have to have wife ride along as shotgun - literally, however she was just about done fixing diner and we were ready to eat.

    This isn't the first time strangers have been at the door at odd hours with semi-plausible stories and underscores that country living could offer two-legged varmints as well as four legged ones.

    I feel a more confident and secure answering the door in such situations with a pistol than I would with a kitchen knife or baseball bat.

    Now to listen to some of the posters on this board you'd think the moment that pistol got into my hands I'd be overwhelmed with a raging desire to use and would be itching to shoot away at the stranger(s) at the door. Far from the case and I try to keep the fact that I'm armed low-key and concealed as best as possible.

    BTW, meant to post and start this last night, got interrupted with diner and it being my birthday ....
    I know what you mean. I had to drive to Safford AZ then looped back to Tucson before going home last weekend. That's something like 500 miles + on very rural highways.

    There are miles and miles of miles and miles often with sparse or no traffic on highways. Now, while the vehicle is low mileage and almost new you never know if you might have a breakdown or something. The route also takes me into Cochise County and close to the Mexican border in an area that is a major corridor for illegals and drug traffic coming over the border.

    So, I took a pistol along, just in case. I really don't think a tire iron or the like would do much if for some rare instance those meaning me harm have something like AK-47's on them (for real... that happens in that area several times a year with ranchers and even law enforcement being shot or killed). A pistol gives me a shot at self-defense at least.

    It never left the holster or the vehicle, but you never know what you might run into.
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      Urban statists will never understand the mentality of people living in rural areas, hours away from any form of emergency services. As a city dweller myself, I can say with complete confidence that city folk have very little self reliance. We have our routines and anything that interrupts our routines throws is into complete disarray. When disaster strikes we are clueless.

      People get far too complacent and accustomed to having all their needs met by someone else; they rely heavily on their magic pieces of plastic to make their problems disappear.

      The notion that people might have to take near total responsibility over all their needs is very foreign.

      "Guns? For protection? But why? That's what the police are for!"

      Now, ignoring the fact that even in the city police response times are likely many minutes long when seconds count, in the country, where they could be an hour, it's obvious why you would need to take responsibility for your own safety.
      A wild liberal appears! Conservative uses logical reasoning and empirical evidence! It's super effective! Wild liberal faints.


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