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    Originally posted by Paddybhoy View Post
    The gap between the wealthy and the poor widening equals Marxist Socialism?
    Actually, it equals actual Soviet-style Communism if you studied the history of the Soviet Union, but no, it equals socialism when Obama set up programs to take money from the haves and give it away through huge government programs to the have-nots, and when he pushed through socialized medicine in the form of Obamacare, and many other things that are now history.

    Obama has never made any secret of his love of socialism, as you will discover if/when you get around to reading his autobiographies in which he praises himself endlessly.

    Need a copy?
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      Oh, please, MM. Obama is certainly less socialist that FDR and I believe I have seen you praise your Social Security benefits and argue that since you paid in to receive them that you should get them.


      Agreed on highways: but I live on I-70, and in Missouri and Illinois itís not too well maintained. In Missouri it needs a rebuild widening all across the state. Traffic has grown so that even 6 and 8 lanes in the St. Louis area are not enough, and frankly I donít much like driving on it now. It can be scary because of all the traffic and idiots switching lanes etc.

      The local roads are pretty good and itís been a pain in my town and the next town over to get around on a couple of the main roads paralleling I-70 because of construction this summer. We citizens voted in increased sales taxes a couple of years ago to take of that. A lot of folks in Missouri donít want to increase sales taxes to widen I-70 and the trucking industry is against increased gasoline taxes so the money must come from the feds or we will just see continued deterioration. The state has suggested letting a private company take I-70 over and then go to tolling but that gets a horrific reaction also. No one wants to pay for it in any fashion.

      There are many examples of failures within Charter School organizations but one of the most spectacular is the Gullen (Turkish) Schools. Does the Charter School way encourage the Islamic Charter Schools that take local and federal monies and teach Sharia and Islamic law?

      If you want Islamic law taught in Charter Schools at taxpayerís expense, well there you go. I, however, much prefer that religion be kept out of taxpayer funded schools.

      My kids went to Public Schools and they are doing very well thank you, and their children are doing well as Public School students, although the proof of the pudding will come in the years to come. Only one kid in college so far, but she is employed at a campus sponsored organization, and has been elected to represent her school in the student government organization. She is not one to let the grass grow under her feet. I donít know if it speaks well of her Public School Education or just herself.

      She is an age where she might need Planned Parenthood, so I think let it be, but then I have always believed that women have been slighted in the Health Care Services and that Planned Parenthood has helped to make that up. Now I will concede since I am a woman, that I will have a different viewpoint than men on the subject. Even at that, letís look at the government and the health involved things that it does, cancer research funding, the things that government did in years past to provide support for various vaccines and National Health activities. What about the funding to beat back epidemics? Should government fund that sort of thing? Was government funding helpful last year in preventing the Ebola epidemic from spreading in the US? If you cut one health care service should you cut them all? Or if we cut a gender specific service will that gender detect some very specific misogyny?

      Regarding living under a government with government servicesóI have done so for 74 years. I like having government services. My husband worked for a government contractor for years (at an aircraft plant). Would we as a country miss defense work? My employer did government contract work; NOAA and the IRS were a couple of the customers. I like getting my Social Security money every month, since my company did not provide pensions, except a 401k with matching funds (for a short time until it began having financial problems). I actually think my Social Security contributions were a much better investment than my 401k was. SS is a guaranteed income but if the stock market goes belly up I could lose a substantial amount of value in the 401k as I have twice before.

      I can think of many benefits of government that I like. And I think that I will be long dead before we have a complete government collapse (and in that event a lot of the world governments will be going down also). I am inclined to think that a complete government collapse is more likely to come about because of shutting it down over some pissy ideological issue than trying to keep it open and rendering needed services.
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        Originally posted by Jannie View Post
        No matter what you say--currently the Democrats are, at least, making an effort to govern with some efficiency. They may be doing workarounds, but I certainly don't see the Republicans even trying to do workarounds, They just want to stop everything, which is anarchy.

        I used to believe the Republicans wanted to stop everything as well. I now realize they are more often than not, misunderstood. They are not very good at telling voters what they intend to do nor explain why. For instance, they do not want to stop programs for the poor, they want to streamline and consolidate.

        I find the Democrats make it akin to a insoluble circular puzzle. Behind each problem lies yet another, and another, ad infinitum. To fix crime we have to fix the family, but before we do that we have to fix welfare, and that means fixing our budget, and that means fixing our civic spirit, but we canít do that without fixing moral standards, and that means fixing schools and churches, and that means fixing the inner cities, and thatís impossible unless we fix crime. And on, and on, and on.


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          Originally posted by Jannie View Post

          No matter what you say--currently the Democrats are, at least, making an effort to govern with some efficiency. They may be doing workarounds, but I certainly don't see the Republicans even trying to do workarounds, They just want to stop everything, which is anarchy.
          That's not all GOP, it's the hard, TP wing which sees a government shutdown as a legitimate strategy. Traditional, mainstream conservatives (aka RINOs and socialists in disguise) aren't so hot on shutting things down.

          And as the public has shown, they don't agree that a shut down is a good option.


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