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    We were told when Obama was elected that he never committed to anything, but I only realized recently how pathologically indecisive he really is. I caught a few minutes of an interview in which he stated that he only wears blue or grey suits and he doesn't deal with the First Family menu "because he doesn't want to have to decide what to wear, or what to eat, or anything like that."

    This is the Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful and deadly military in the world, and he can't make the kind of decisions that Americans make every single day as a routine part of their lives. How can he possible function in a real crisis?
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?

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    We've seen how he functions in a crisis. He doesn't. He folds. He dithers and delays.
    I get the impression other than the most superficial details, he doesn't know what's going on too.
    I've stated before, he is poorly read, and has only a marginal grasp on just about any subject. I doubt he could answer an in-depth question on any subject.


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      That's what happens when you elect someone who has no qualifications. He had never been in charge of anything, until we handed him the keys to the whole freakin' country. People fell for the smoke and mirrors...he wasn't Bush or anything resembling Bush, and he was something new and different. Seven years ago, if you asked people who were just over a month away from voting for him in the 2008 election what they thought of his ideas, policies, etc you'd get a blank stare because those that elected him are clueless sheep. The same people line up at the Apple store to get the latest slightly different iPhone because they are sheep and can't do anything but act like sheep. How he got elected a second time is still a'd think even sheep would figure out after 4 years this guy is clueless and vote for someone else, and I believe they would have if the GOP hadn't failed us completely and nominated a nothing candidate (in case you've forgotten, which you probably have since he was such a zero, his name was Romney. Mitt Romney.)


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