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    Originally posted by Delenda estRoma View Post
    Bail is allowed in almost any case. We presume that the accused is innocent till we prove them guilty.
    As TAG said, flight risk should be a major consideration. Can the bail be applied to any damages that might be awarded to the victim?
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      Money is pretty much the same as diplomatic immunity.
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        Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
        ...A hefty bribe to the female and suddenly - no charges after all...
        I agree. Between his arrest and his court date, money will become involved.


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          Originally posted by Salinator View Post
          That is a Hollywood myth. Crew, passengers and luggage of private planes that have the range to flee the country have to go through Customs.
          Not if they fly to Canada first, or to a US possession such as Puerto Rico where officials can be bribed easily.

          Lil' Bush let the entire bin Laden family fly out of America on 9/11 without going through any form of "customs".

          Money talks louder than any laws ever will.
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            Found this after looking for the story of the diplomat who killed children in Paris with his officiaal car.
            These ones are not too bad,aren't they?
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              "Really? You're a PRINCE?"

              So, what was the job status of the female who allegedly had her mouth forced open? And, just how was that done? (It's awfully hard to do.) "Inquiring minds want to know" And, I agree that bail for this foreigner should have been prohibitively high. Even if he were able to meet it and flee the country, it should be made to hurt financially.
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                Welcome to Wealthy Middle Eastern Thug Privilege

                You’ve heard endlessly about “white privilege” from the professional social justice warrior gripers. But rarely does that crusading crowd — or their spiritual leaders in the White House — acknowledge the brutal impact of wealthy Middle Eastern thug privilege in America.

                I’m looking especially at you, Barack, Michelle and Valerie Jarrett (who hosted Black Lives Matter activists at 1600 Pennsylvania last week). The latest case of WMET privilege involves a well-connected Saudi prince arrested on Wednesday after allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at his $40 million Beverly Hills rental mansion. Witnesses reported seeing a bloodied woman screaming for help as she scrambled over an 8-foot wall surrounding the property. LAPD officers charged 28-year-old Majed Abdulaziz al-Saud with sodomy, battery and false imprisonment.

                Celebrate diversity!

                (No word, by the way, on whether or how this accused brute is related to Saudi princess Buniah al-Saud, who pleaded no contest in 2002 to charges of beating her Indonesian maid in Florida. She was fined a measly $1,000 and let loose.)
                Meanwhile, three other women have stepped forward to file a civil complaint against al-Saud alleging “extreme,” “outrageous” and “despicable” behavior by the prince at the sprawling compound. The workers say they were “deprived of their freedom of movement by use of physical barriers, force, threats of force, menace, fraud, deceit and unreasonable duress.”

                Feckless Foggy Bottom bureaucrats at Obama’s State Department, as usual, have no comment on either case. But hey, check out all those White House tweets protesting the “war on women”!
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