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The Liberal view of Conservatives

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  • Cambronnne
    Originally posted by frisco17 View Post
    Well it looks like somebody read their Marx. More of the same ignorant drivel I've seen countless times before. "Greedy conservatives hate poor people blah blah imperialism blah."
    Exactly. The author is attempting to convey the belief that conservative ideals are rooted in evil rather than fact. This allows him to dispense with dealing with views in opposition to his own without needing to resort to facts or logic.

    The author is defining those who think differently based on his own prejudices. His lack of understanding of the other side's point of view is fatal to his effort to explain it.
    You can't criticize that which you don't understand.

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  • frisco17
    Well it looks like somebody read their Marx. More of the same ignorant drivel I've seen countless times before. "Greedy conservatives hate poor people blah blah imperialism blah."

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  • andrewza
    There are retards on both sides.

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  • wolfhnd
    started a topic The Liberal view of Conservatives

    The Liberal view of Conservatives

    I'm placing this here because it seems that the Liberal vs Conservative debate is clearer in the U.S.

    I was reading this online book and thought it would be interesting to get some feed back on the topic.

    At the other end of the political spectrum, for people with conservative ideals, accusations of human rights abuse might be useful when vilifying hostile governments, but conservative politicians in the industrialized world prefer to talk about freedom; like the freedom to compete in a free market economy, free from the restriction of any national or international regulation.

    They reject the welfare oriented viewpoint of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, instead placing their faith in the power of market forces to determine right and wrong.

    Since the early days of capitalism, conservative thinkers have believed that as long as the industrious are motivated by incentive and the poor are motivated by fear, then continued economic growth will be automatic, as if guided by some kind of invisible hand. Yet they rarely question the direction in which the hand is pushing or the reason for wanting to get there so quickly regardless of the human or environmental costs. They simply see continued development as an opportunity for profit, and they want to maximize development through unrestrained competition.

    Some conservative business leaders dream of a world without welfare, where the workers are forced to compete for the lowest possible wages while the poor are left to starve and die. After all, there is no mercy in the cut throat world of business. Competition is fierce in the international marketplace. Staying in business requires stretching the rules as far as possible to minimize expenses and maximize profits. While buyers look for the best bargains, sellers try for the highest possible price while putting the least amount of effort into their products and services.

    There may be widespread desire for ethical business practices, but it would be foolish to trust anyone in the business world. A person’s word is worthless without an ironclad contract and enough money to enforce it in a court of law. Maintaining a respectable reputation may help to attract customers, but in the end, business is business.

    Many wealthy Westerners believe that their wealth is evidence of their superiority. They carry no shame that their family fortunes were largely built upon stolen land, stolen mineral wealth, mass murder, and slavery. Whenever the desire for profit has been stronger than feelings of moral restraint, imperialist opportunists have always considered it to be good business to subjugate foreign lands and harvest their resources.

    When the European empires were finally forced to free their slave colonies, they did not free them, but instead left them suffering under the rule of egomaniac army officers. Imperialist profiteers then lent part of their ill-gotten gains to these dictators, knowing the money would be stolen and wasted.

    As the plundered nations now struggle towards democracy, imperialist loansharks like the International Monetary Fund insist on the repayment of these loans under predatory economic conditions that leave the children of these plundered nations crippled forever by debt, vulnerable to be violated forever more.

    While demanding that developing nations open their markets to unfettered foreign competition, Western governments use hostile patent laws and other indefensible forms of corporate welfare to ensure that those nations that were slow to industrialize can never catch up.

    Still the wealthy Western nations continue to cheat on international trade. Because of European rivalries and the undemocratic distribution of United States senate seats, American and European farm subsidies force down world prices and destroy the incomes of many smaller agricultural nations.

    Meanwhile, Western corporations exploit poverty stricken countries by paying slave wages to children working in factories producing luxury goods. They bribe corrupt government officials for permission to spoil the forest homelands of native people. They plunder the mineral wealth, poison the rivers with toxic waste, and harvest marine life to the point of extinction. They even fuel wars in order to profit from selling weapons. Share price is all that matters in the minds of their investors.

    While many people feel outraged by the selfishness and lack of fairness, others realize that there are no reliable foundations for such idealistic armchair moralizing. We are all merely pawns in the evolutionary competition for survival and the conscious struggle for power. Everyone must fight for their own preservation.

    As a general rule, whenever one group gains a position of power, they will almost always try to use it to further their own interests at the expense of everyone else. Other groups can try to resist, but unless they can effectively threaten those in power, then resistance is futile.

    Memories of power abuse can breed lasting hostility, and so whenever those in power actually think about the consequences of their actions, then they will usually restrain themselves out of fear of losing respect or gaining enemies. But they will still try to get away with as much as they possibly can before resistance rises to a point where the costs start to outweigh the benefits.

    Although many people dream of an ideal world based upon caring, sharing, and cooperation; such a dream world seems far from the practical world where people, companies, and nations must compete for limited resources. Claims about equality, fairness, human rights, or any other moral assertion can easily be rejected by greed-driven opportunists as ‘socialism’, which they condemn as nothing more than the selfish political expression of the jealousies and ambitions of the poor.


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