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Who do you think "won" last nights Rep debate?

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    I recently came across an interview/debate which included Gov Scott Walker. This is a video from 1992, in the video we can see a young Scott Walker(around age 25) debating former Louisiana Representative David Duke.

    Watching the above video I thought to myself...well Mr Walker has improved on his debating skills over the years. In the above video I found that Mr Walker could have done a better job telling the American people why David Duke is not a good candidate for POTUS.

    I find that much of the modern day GOP criticism toward Donald Trump is reminiscent of the GOP criticism toward David Duke during the 1992 POTUS election. I think its going to be interesting seeing where Trump ends up, Trump has made what many are saying are bigoted comments toward for example Mexicans. Maybe one of the remaining GOP candidates could seize the opportunity to take the lead in criticizing Trump and telling the American people why they ought to be elected POTUS.
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