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Flight escorted by fighter jets over a cat

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    Originally posted by johns624 View Post
    Most airliners do not have access. The 747 and 777 do have limited access. That being said, you would never be allowed to check on your pet. The crew never has reason to go down there. The holds are filled with containers that take up most of the space.
    The allergic person was the one upgraded. There are animals in the cabin all the time. All you have to do is claim that it's a companion or service animal. My wife even was on a flight where a woman had a goose on her lap.
    Internal flights in Yemen at one time only had seats in the front part of the cabin - the rear was reserved for people taking goats etc with them. Eventually, after a near accident with some one trying to make coffee in the rear section on a primus stove on the floor pressure was brought to adopt international safety standards even for internal flights and the practice stopped. Aircraft became all seated (like British Premier league football grounds although these do get asses in the stands).
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