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    The irony of the post-gender generation is that it claims to be getting a minority out of the closet, while forcing the majority back into another. It demands that the majority of people celebrate things they don't really feel like celebrating – unless they have to celebrate it for the purpose of fitting in. And this is because a person who's post-gender or transsexual has never really left his sex. He's just terrible at being it. He straddles the infinite chasm between two ideals, and he cheapens both of them while getting neither. Children instinctively know this, and teachers know that they know it – and we know this because teachers are spending a lot of time telling children to say that they don't know it.


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      The next step is predictable and obvious. Students will dress and act unisexual in order to avoid "offending" the few.

      Wow...I wanted to add an image of people dressed unisexually and was told by BING that this "might be offensive" to some; therefore it is "filtered out".

      1984 is here, and then some.
      Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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        Bing is the worst, try finding something that reflects negatively on the Chinese Communist party there.


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          Originally posted by Persephone View Post
          That was funny. Thanks for the chuckle.

          At least these are very clear which is which.

          What good is that for the university?

          What they need is this:

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            Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
            [FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]The next step is predictable and obvious. Students will dress and act unisexual in order to avoid "offending" the few.
            Its the same thing as the Maoist blue unisex coats from the days of the Cultural Revolution

            I can see the Govt attempting to make this a mandatory thing in 20-30 years, and throwing people in prison or out of the country for not complying. Hey, if you think that's nuts, what did people think about Gay Marriage 30 years ago?
            Today its the law of the land, in opposition to the will of the majority of the people in this country. The media has to hunt around for rouge Bakers or clerks in po-dunk nowhere to find evidence of "oppression", just to keep the juggernaut stoked.

            This civilization is so overdue for a comeuppance.


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