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NASCAR ask fans not to display Confederate flag

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  • Originally posted by The Exorcist View Post
    Agreed, but there are plenty of con-artists out there who want your money, or people who want to destroy us, who are too weak and low-down to get stuff from you any other way than the guilt-trip.

    BTW- can you name the continent where there are the greatest number of nations with slavery still going on?
    But yeah, its all because of white people. Blah blah bye bye
    Of course it's all the fault of white people!

    What? Are you suggesting that Africans were at fault too!? We live in a Progressive Liberal society and that sort of racism shall not be tolerated here!


    • Originally posted by Taieb el-Okbi View Post

      Now that being said, I could easily see some discrimination against scotts and the Irish in North America during the 18th and 19th centuries. But some of that is a myth. Facts show that during the American Civil war, their were Irish officers fighting on the Union side. One such officer was William Corby. Today Corby is honored by a # of institutions including Notre Dame University.

      One of the points made in the Salon article talks about white slaves. The author of the Salon article claims that some of the Euros and Americans(surely all being white, the Americans that is) whom fought in the Barbary wars did become slaves but did so after losing in combat.

      While slavery was bad, I do note the difference between being born free and then losing a battle and becoming a slave when compared to being born into slavery.

      You are making stuff up again. The author makes no statement like that, this is what Talty says about the Barbary Pirates

      The Barbary captivity narratives, recounted in Paul Michel Baepler’s “White Slaves, African Masters,” in which Europeans and some Americans described their brutal episodes of slavery in the courts of Algerian and Moroccan pashas, were wildly popular in the 1800s.

      Please quote directly from the article and show that the writer in fact said what you claimed.
      "Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it"
      G.B Shaw

      "They promised us homes fit for heroes, they give us heroes fit for homes."
      Grandad, Only Fools and Horses


      • Several years ago I read a book about The Lost German Slave Girl by John Bailey that made me aware of the issue of white slaves here in the United States in the South before the Civil War. This was the first time that I became aware of such things happening that a pure blood white person was enslaved in the US. I think it was becoming increasingly common during the 1840s up to the start of the Civil War.

        Then I read about the so called slave balls held in various places in the south where white men could find beautiful young women of mixed race and purchase them to set up as their mistresses. Some of these girls might only be 1/64th black. Now think about that—one 4th great grandparent of black ancestry could subject a girl to sexual slavery.

        There are other stories here in a blog from the Pennsylvania Historical Society

        Most of these stories are of someone taking up a child in an orphanage, or stealing a child and then taking them south or passing them off as a mulatto. It was pure greed that let this happen, but it is just a thing that happens today with young women being bought and sold as sexual slaves or in some cases some foreign servants being bought and sold by mainly wealthy foreigners here in the US.

        It is stealing someone’s labor to benefit the owner/pimp/or even in some cases distant relatives.

        The so called orphan trains in the 1880s that took children out of orphanages in the East and shipped orphans West where they could be taken up by childless folks to raise as their own. But often when you read the stories, young boys were taken in and became farm laborers and the girls were household help rather than raised as children belonging to the household. This was another version of slave labor where you could have unpaid labor just for feeding, clothing and sheltering someone.
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