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Obama executive order on “surplus military weapons”

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    Originally posted by BF69 View Post
    His existence is sufficient to reduce them to an apoplectic fury that apparently impairs the higher brain functions.
    In other words.... a woman that can't shut her mouth?
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      Originally posted by Combat Engineer View Post
      Here is the list of ALL executive orders from 2013. Look at the date, Aug 29, 2013, from the article, and show me the EO????

      I don't see it.
      The action was not a executive order but did happen.
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        Originally posted by guthrieba View Post
        The action was not a executive order but did happen.
        Do you hear the Crickets from the ones that claim that their boy did no such thing
        Our President is a complete Whuzz, those M1 rifles would have gone to CMP (formerly DCM) and sold to qualified Collectors and Competitors, but no, we must curb Gun Violence, typical Obama, look at me, see what I have done, Yea right, Lip Service, nothing of substance, a good speech is taking action!
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