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Obama lied about Obamacare...?

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  • Obama lied about Obamacare...?

    Even MSN is having to admit Obama is lying about Obamacare...

    President Barack Obama made misleading and exaggerated claims in a speech boasting of the accomplishments of the Affordable Care Act...

    ...Obama spoke on June 9 at the Catholic Health Association Conference in Washington, D.C. His remarks came at a critical time for the Affordable Care Act: The Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on a case that could impact subsidies available through state marketplaces run by the federal government...

    ...The president improved upon a claim about premiums that we fact-checked in March. In his June 9 speech, Obama said: “The average family premium is $1,800 lower today than it would have been had trends over the decade before the ACA passed continued.” That’s correct. Last time, Obama said this was “$1,800 in people’s pockets,” which is false...
    I doubt even the claim they are $1800 lower at all is false... And, those not in the government and administration pretty much have figures that show that too...

    The CEA gave the health care law more credit, saying “a significant fraction of the recent slowdown in health care price inflation can be linked to Medicare reforms in the Affordable Care Act.” But it didn’t say how much of the $1,800 difference was due to the ACA.

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    Guess they're sick of their tongues leaping out of their mouths, screaming, and running out into traffic to commit suicide...every time they open their mouths about Obama.
    The First Amendment applies to SMS, Emails, Blogs, online news, the Fourth applies to your cell phone, computer, and your car, but the Second only applies to muskets?


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      Obama lied about Obamacare...?

      You think?
      Trying hard to be the Man, that my Dog believes I am!


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        He lied about tax refunds, right after he was elected the website claiming refunds disappeared. That should have been a hint.
        My worst jump story:
        My 13th jump was on the 13th day of the month, aircraft number 013.
        As recorded on my DA Form 1307 Individual Jump Log.
        No lie.

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          I think all his Marxist training has left him incapable of escaping the "fly bottle."
          "The value today of philosophy to physics seems to me to be something like the value of early nation-states to their peoples. It is only a small exaggeration to say that, until the introduction of the post office, the chief service of nation-states was to protect their peoples from other nation-states. The insights of philosophers have occasionally benefited physicists, but generally in a negative fashion—by protecting them from the preconceptions of other philosophers."

          Steven Weinberg

          People like Obama are the worst examples of a liberal education.
          We hunt the hunters


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            Originally posted by Trung Si View Post
            Obama lied about Obamacare...?

            You think?
            Yeah...who knew...right?

            How do we know when Obama is lying? If his lips are moving...
            Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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