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    Do you feel that you have benefited from NAFTA?
    I have benefited from it, as has the US as a whole.
    I have not benefited from it, but the US as a whole has.
    I have benefited from it, but the US as a whole has not.
    I have not benefited from it, nor has the US as a whole.

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    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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      From NAFTA's 20 Year Legacy and the Fate of the Trans-Pacific Partnership


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        Still NO.
        Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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          Nope, the economics just don't make sense to me. It's just a macrocosm of internal US tax subsidies which pit state vs state.


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            Mexico benefits more from illegal immigration and illegal drug trade than legal trade with the US...


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              Clinton has changed on NAFTA - from politifact, 2008



              We looked into Clinton's past remarks on NAFTA and concluded that she has changed her tune, from once speaking favorably about it to now saying the agreement needs "fixing."
              The agreement goes back to the 1992 presidential campaign when Bill Clinton ran against incumbent President George H.W. Bush. On Aug. 12 of that year, Bush finished negotiating NAFTA with Mexico and Canada. During the campaign, Bill Clinton said he would support NAFTA if elected, but would demand supplemental agreements to protect worker rights, the environment and sudden import surges.
              After Clinton won the presidency, his administration negotiated the side agreements and made NAFTA one of its top priorities. Vice President Al Gore memorably debated Ross Perot about NAFTA on CNN's "Larry King Live." Congress approved the agreements, and it was hailed as a major political victory for the new president.
              As first lady, Hillary Clinton publicly supported her husband's position. In 1996, in a visit with unionized garment workers, she said the words Obama now quotes. "I think everybody is in favor of free and fair trade. I think NAFTA is proving its worth," said Clinton, according to an Associated Press report.
              Clinton wrote positively of her husband's efforts on NAFTA in her memoir "Living History," published in 2003:
              "Creating a free trade zone in North America the largest free trade zone in the world would expand U.S. exports, create jobs and ensure that our economy was reaping the benefits, not the burdens, of globalization. Although unpopular with labor unions, expanding trade opportunities was an important administration goal."


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                I oppose free trade agreements. They drain the wealth of the United States, and endanger our industrial base which is important to our national security.

                That being said I think a US controlled EU style integration of the Americas (a US super-empire? ) will be a major issue in the future. We cannot shut ourselves off from Latin America, in 30 short years over a third of Americans will be Hispanic. It would also give us an golden opportunity to keep China and their Russian allies out of the Americas. However this has to be done in a manner that does not hurt the US economy and our industrial base.


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                  Keeps the yard bug-free too...

                  One result is that a lot of chicken marketed in the US is processed elsewhere...(*China)...That's why I raise my own.
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