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Obama's not too rational Iran policy

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  • Obama's not too rational Iran policy

    The following article brings up an interesting point about Obama's attitude and policies towards Iran.

    Challenged by The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg to account for the seeming inconsistency of relying on the rationality of a regime that holds a profoundly anti-Semitic worldview, the president denied that the "venomous anti-Semitism" (his words) of the mullahs is a barrier to rational decision making:

    "Well, the fact that you are anti-Semitic, or racist, doesn't preclude you from being interested in survival.
    "It seems clear from this exchange that the president either doesn't understand or flatly disagrees with the point Goldberg has in mind. Goldberg's point is that serious anti-Semites (that is, people whose worldviews are shaped and informed by Jew hatred as opposed to people who have, for example, a social prejudice against associating with Jews) don't understand reality the way that other people do. They see a world dominated by Jewish plots and secret cartels, and believe that the Elders of Zion rule the world behind a screen of deception and misdirection."
    How would Obama have felt about an American president who minimized the nature of apartheid South Africa, or failed to prevent that regime from acquiring nuclear weapons, or invited the racist state to become a "very successful regional power"?

    The analogy is imprecise, because South Africa, though brutal and reprehensible, did not nurture genocidal ambitions, but it's enough to demonstrate that Obama's morality is always in service of his politics, not the other way around.
    Emphasis mine. That in a nutshell is the problem with Obama on foreign policy. His serves just one person: Obama.
    That makes him easily the most dangerously myopic President in US history when it comes to foreign affairs. It is one more reason that Obama should go down in US history as one of the least affective, most incompetent, and failed Presidents we've ever had.

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    Of course, being a racist and a Muslim himself, he sees nothing wrong with racism in the Middle East.

    He is the most dangerous American alive today, and he is most dangerous to the American people.
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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