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Operation Chokehold, how Obama does war against businesses he dislikes

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    Originally posted by SRV Ron View Post
    For a business, that is not possible. They have to make purchases, meet payroll, pay bills, make credit card transactions, and deposit receipts. All that requires banking transactions of some kind be it debit card, credit card, or checking from their account.

    Cash is the only current way to hide transactions from the Feds not requiring a background check or involving large sums.
    True, but since I am not a business, I find it far more practical and effective to simply pay cash. Money doesn't "bounce"; it isn't "declined"; it's never "overdrawn" and it always pays the bill when it's presented. I also never overspend, since I either have what I need to complete the transaction or I do not, period. Quite often I do not have enough to all of the things I wish to do, so I must prioritize, a wonderful tool that every single American should be taught at the earliest possible age. Nothing teaches one to be an intelligent and conscientious consumer like having to pay cash on the barrel head every single time.

    If I were a business owner, I would be actively organizing a nationwide class action lawsuit against the entire Federal government and the Obama administration, and I would win it. The Democrats are stupid, arrogant and incapable of hiding anything criminal that they do, and they have broken most of the laws repeatedly. Time for what we used to call in the Army "a come-to-Jesus meeting".
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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