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Do you support bringing Syrian refugees to the U.S.

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  • Originally posted by Pruitt View Post
    Maybe I have been around the wrong Syrians and Lebanese, but everyone I knew was Christian. Most of the first and second generation were NOT doctors and lawyers. The children and grandchildren were given to study hard and became well educated professionals. I even went to college with some Khoury's and Karams that were blond and blue eyed! One of the high people at McNeese State (Ieyoub) was second generation emigrant and he was a Doctor of Education.

    There are probably some blue collar descendents as well out there. One I worked with when I was young was a salesman. I used to deliver to several small grocery stores owned by first and second generation. There is a store in North Sulphur, called Misse's Food Store that is still open.


    One of my best friends is a Khoury. Christian of course, his family came over in the 50's to get away from................muslims.




    • Originally posted by Taieb el-Okbi View Post

      How can you and I effect policy change? What we do my friend is put in a vote for POTUS, for our local officials as well. We can also run for office if we want. That said your viewpoints go against the views of most(if not all) of those running for who will be elected POTUS, as well as sitting US politicians. I find that your views(if you truly want to ban immigrants whose religion is Islam) also go against the concept of the USA, our constitution , American values in general..
      Prior to 1965 our immigration rate was low and we were more selective. This isn't the late 19th and early 20th century where we need massive numbers of new workers.

      We should limit new immigration to high tech workers we cannot get from our own population. And even this should be looked at very closely to see if corporations are using this option to keep American wages down.

      If the U.S. does decide to bring in some high tech workers, which is better?
      And Indian who is Hindu and has virtually no chance of becoming a terrorist. Or a muslim who has a higher chance of becoming a terrorist?

      You can argue the numbers from this site.

      But it is a fact that a % of muslims support or are actively engaged in terrorism. Why bring more of that here?
      "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" Beatrice Evelyn Hall
      Updated for the 21st century... except if you are criticizing islam, that scares the $hii+e out of me!