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NSA phone data collection 'illegal', US court rules

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    Originally posted by boomer400 View Post
    Still think the the bulk collection of data without prerequisites and undisciplined thought and technique is objectionable and actually demonstrates lack of skill and ability. The best way is to learn to actually use the legal system AND the technical system without having to infringe thoughtlessly on citizens. It's not necessary to do this kind of surveillance on everyone. In fact, it's probably a hindrance if one must sort and analyze all the junk data that exists. For instance, who really gives a crap about some 12 year old playing Minecraft? There are literally hundreds of thousands of people doing that with voice and text chat going. It's simply stupid to collect meta-data much less a full session. Pointless and a waste of resources.
    They have multiple levels of software screen the material before a human ever lays eyes on it.

    Or did you really think there were people actually reading all that stuff?
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      That must be why T-bo is still running around. If I was going after wanna-be's he'd be on the list...
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