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State Dept Considers $50B "Signing Bonus For Iran

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    Originally posted by Pruitt View Post
    The Iranians have over $110 Billion in frozen bank assets and we are offering to give them $50 Billion? This is not well thought out!

    Hey! $50 billion is just what Iran needs to finish making their nuclear bomb. How can you deny them that?


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      a shame , Rather .....

      Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
      Hey! $50 billion is just what Iran needs to finish making their nuclear bomb. How can you deny them that?
      I was looking FWD to reopening Krazy Reggie's Dizkount Jat Phieterz. Had a bunch of old CF-101 Voodoos already off the gate pylons....

      With the secret fourteen blade Mexican propellers, they could outrun anything in todays skies...
      The trout who swims against the current gets the most oxygen..


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        How long before we give them Obama care?
        Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.


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          Here is a link about Genghis Khan and how he dealt with Iran. I dont think Genghis Khan would give 50 billion to Iran if they went around chanting death to the Mongols. Looks like Genghis Khan knew better than Genghis Khan "expert" Kerry.


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            A coalition of warships(some from the us)has been reported to be sent to block Iran from supplying houthi rebels. The current administration led by Obama has been at the forefront of destroying enemies of the USA. The p5+ 1 negotiates with Iran and I often wonder why are some folks still referring to Iran as a hitler, that's like referring to Israel as some type of zionazi state. The Neville chamberlain comparison doesn't add up IMO, it's not just one country negotiating with Iran, rather it's the p5+1.

            Also as Obama is the cic, his decisions ought to be respected. Just as I found a way to respect both bush presidencies, there ought to be at least some respect shown toward Obama by a few of the more GOP leaning acg members. Bottom line tho I'm sure us Americans can agree that if we were in the US military we would salute Obama if he walked into the room, or not maybe just throw the integrity of this country away and start burning flags ?

            In any event Obv folks in this thread are making hitler comparisons wrt Iran some folks would say this is an attempt to make Iran look bad and I would agree as I feel hitler was in the wrong. Others would be complimented by a hitler comparison , just look at the neo nazis in Ukraine , parts of the USA and other parts of Europe. I don't agree with Godwin's law being such a big thing btw, for example what is the term for when someone brings up Alexander the Great in a debate ?

            Anyway folks, I'm all for destroying Isil , Al Qaeda, boko haram , and as I have said before, once Israel gets involved with the fight against Isil(I feel this has a strong chance of occurring) that the Israel -Iran relations can improve. Representatives from Israel and the gulf states have recently been agreeing with each other on TV interviews , so this is also a step in the right direction for the Middle East. Aside from Israeli- Sunni Muslim majority countries relations , which are IMO better then what some people claim(considering the fact that Israel has peace and trade deals with Egypt and Jordan) the key task facing the Middle East would be Israeli - Shia- Sunnis coming together as a whole to get things done on both a military and economic level .
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