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Guns And Drugs: Memphis Boy's Instagram Sparking Talk

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  • Guns And Drugs: Memphis Boy's Instagram Sparking Talk

    A 13 year old trying to be like a rapper......

    Jonathan began tweeting directly to FOX13's Sarah Bleau, starting with "DONT YOU GOT SOMETHING BETTER TO DO MAM." He did not want to call to talk on the phone but did tweet to Sarah that "people gonna hate" and the reason he posts the pictures is because "chief keef (a Chicago rapper) got famous from that right???"
    "I don't discuss sitting presidents," Mattis tells NPR in an interview. "I believe that you owe a period of quiet."

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    "They do not have a basic structure. They do not have a positive relationship," said Moore,

    There it is. We're busting kids with parents & grandparents in prison or dead of ODs or violence. We routinely encounter teens who view prison as just something that comes with life.
    Any man can hold his place when the bands play and women throw flowers; it is when the enemy presses close and metal shears through the ranks that one can acertain which are soldiers, and which are not.


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