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Los Angeles Police Department taught the Canadian way when it comes to using force

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    Originally posted by Marmat View Post
    ... that's nasty enough.

    I'm not a big fan of the RCMP, or how they do things at times, but a Police Officer/Public Servant who is assertive, in control AND polite in dealings with the public, is considerably different than, one in the fetal position i.e. "the act of curling yourself in a ball and crying like a little girl in hopes that your attacker will just go away" (Urban Dictionary). And it can be demonstrated that an officer so trained is less likely to use unwarranted deadly force on a fleeing, unarmed, non-assaultive, easily identifiable suspect in a relatively trivial offense, where follow-up and back-up can be utilized for an officer safe, community friendly arrest at a later time, eh.
    Ontario Police undercover agent introduces his 'Deputy' to a building full of Drug dealers:

    Asking politely f they would rather give a statement and file out peacefully before his "partner' does a 'look around'...
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