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Canada to extend anti-IS mission, strike targets in Syria

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  • Canada to extend anti-IS mission, strike targets in Syria

    TORONTO (AP) — Canada's prime minister will announce a one-year extension of its military mission against the Islamic State group and expand it to include air strikes on targets in Syria, a senior government official said Monday.

    The official confirmed the details and said Prime Minister Stephen Harper will make the announcement in Parliament on Tuesday morning.

    The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly. Harper had said he'll provide details about extending and expanding the mission this week. It's due to expire in April.

    Canada has 69 special forces soldiers training Kurdish peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq. They were sent last September on a mission that was billed as noncombat with the troops supposed to be working far behind the front lines.

    But the Canadian soldiers have been helping the Kurdish forces by directing coalition airstrikes against Islamic State fighters, a role generally considered risky because it means they are close to the battle against the militants.
    AP - Full Article

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    What I am curious about is where are the Arab nations in all this mess, other than the Jordanians,some Egyptions and a mess of Iraqies( who seem to runaway a lot) the airwar is conducted by the West......The Arab nations dont seem to interested in getting involved......


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