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Why have so many people become posessed by evil?

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    Poor parenting skills.
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      Originally posted by lynelhutz View Post
      If the supposed problem is the level of individual violence and brutality of more people, I am not convinced.

      I don't think there is a greater chance now than 50 years ago of an individual falling victim to an act of violence.
      Agreed, and its fer less than it was 500 years ago.

      So much of this reporting is on the same level as slasher flicks, and made to titillate the same sort of fans,


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        Some reasons:

        Urbanization and urban density = anonymity. Being anonymous makes it easier for someone to commit crimes against those who are "faceless." As society increasingly lives in huge cities with high density crime will increase simply because it can be faceless.

        The ending of shame = If you are not shunned or otherwise affected in public by your deeds or past you can do all sorts of stuff without repercussion.

        The decline in social structure = This can best be shown in the lack of ability of parents to discipline children. When children call adults by first name, have no fear of punishment for wrong doing, and are often treated as equals while not being equals, they can literally get away with murder...

        The weakening of rules and law = I think it was Heinlein that stated "Any law that cannot be enforced weakens all other laws" or something close to that. Anyway, he's really right. If you can break any number of laws without repercussion you get used to breaking laws and do more of it.

        Justice delayed is justice denied = If you know that if you commit a crime it will be several years before you are finally given an outcome and in the meantime the system allows you to be free to commit more crimes, and that is your intention, you will.
        You get to a point where the system is so slow and pedantic that you simply don't care and slip between the cracks in its lumbering, bureaucratic, and myopic view. Yes, it catches you one in twenty crimes or something but with those odds you are really beating the house / Vegas...

        Think about this in terms of a more extreme: If in the military you didn't fear or respect the senior NCO's over you as an enlisted what would happen?


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          The actual track record is only 1 per hundred criminals who actually do time.

          And those are the dumb ones.
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            I heard a podcast of one of this blokes lectures on this subject:

            reason: How much has violence declined?

            Pinker: [During] the transition from tribal societies to settled states, there was a reduction from about a 15 percent chance of dying violently down to about a 3 percent chance in the first states.

            reason: One of the claims that I was most struck by is that rates of violence in Europe have dropped 30-fold from the medieval period.

            Pinker: Thatís right. Rates of homicide can be estimated more accurately than crimes with fuzzier definitions, like assault and rape, because a dead body always gets peopleís attention, or a missing person. The homicide records go back in many parts of Europe to the 1200s. And they all show an astonishing trend. Namely, that the rates of homicide have plummeted, from anywhere from 30 to 100 per 100,000 per year down to the [current] European average, which is between one and two per 100,000 per year.

            I also remember hearing another lecture on empathy that used the same sort of data, and the speaker was of the opinion that since literacy became the norm rather than the exception, it became easier for people to put themselves in the other's shoes, and thus be less likely to act with violence. There seemed to be a corrollation with the invention of mass printing and declining violence rates.

            That one I heard many years back so I'd need to hear it again to be really sure of what the speaker said.
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              But that's Europe -

              I suspect the US may have had a different evolution on account of its specific history.

              In the early days chances of being killed - or otherwise wronged - by your fellow US Americans may have been smaller than it is today ?

              Note - not talking about the very early days of colonisation, which was likely dog eat dog - but perhaps the "sweet spot" from about the turn of the last century to maybe the 70s-80s ?

              A bigger sense of community ? Less population density ?
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